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   Chapter 131 The Press Conference Of The TV Play (Part Two)

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After the roles of the supporting roles sharing their stories, Ashley and Dylan walked onto the stage side by side under the host's invitation. When she went to pick up the microphone, Ashley looked at the empty seat in the corner.

Jasper had already left.

It was Francis who sent Jasper away, more than half an hour later than the end of the conference. He smoked a cigarette on the chair outside the conference room.

When he was smoking, he remembered that Ashley had smoked that day, which made him a little annoyed.

He didn't understand why he and Ashley would end up like this. When they were in college, they were the enviable couple.

All the changes would happen on the wedding day.

'if I find out who did this, I will let him pay with his blood no matter who did it, ' Francis swore to himself!

After a beep, Francis's phone rang. He caught his cigarette with one hand and the latter took his phone out of his pocket with the other. He unlocked the screen and saw a message from Sheila, "Francis, is the press conference over?"

Some time ago, Samuel, the father-in-law of Francis, got bone cancer. Sheila said that they should get the marriage certificate as soon as possible, so he wanted to get rid of his father-in-law's bad mood with good news.

Although Francis had promised to Sheila that he would marry her, actually he was not willing to do so. He had no choice but to promise her outside the film set on that day when she was in trouble. He had planned to put it off as long as possible, but things afterwards were completely out of his control.

Sheila invited the two families for dinner first. Belinda's performance at first let Francis be assured, but with the DNA test, she had no reason to refute. The two families formally decided to hold their wedding ceremony whenever the two y

r snub.

"Why are you here for tea?" Ethan sat down and asked.

Sheila's heart thumped. Oh, shit! She forgot that she was near the Civil Affairs Bureau now. "…… I heard from my friend that this tea is good, so I came here to have a try."

"Really?" Hearing this, Ethan was doubtful. He looked out of the window. After passing through a street, he saw the Civil Affairs Bureau located in the downtown.

Sheila was about to say something to change the topic, but Ethan's face turned blue. "Are you going to get the marriage certificate with Francis?"

"No, no, No. I didn't know there was a Civil Affairs Bureau nearby." Sheila denied.

"Really?" Obviously, Ethan didn't believe her. He stood up and walked slowly to the back of Sheila. She didn't know what he was going to do, so she was too scared to move.

With one hand on her shoulder, Ethan gave her a gentle push, which scared Sheila to curl up her body! But Ethan didn't punch her. Instead, he lifted her bag in her backseat.

When Sheila realized what he was going to do, she quickly stood up and tried to grab it. However, Ethan quickly opened her bag and took out a leather residence booklet from it.

Sheila's face immediately turned pale.

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