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   Chapter 128 Threat

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Getting married was a relatively sensitive topic.

Since Jasper was anti-marriage, if she answered that she wanted to get married... At the thought of this, Ashley felt that she despised herself. 'Do you think Jasper will consider you if you accept not to have marriage? You are just his artist.' She thought for a while and decided to tell the truth, "I don't think so."

"Psychological shadow?" He asked.

"Yes, I guess so."

With a cigarette in his mouth, Jasper lay on the couch and covered himself. "Two people in a marriage, like business partners, they need to consider many factors, such as the world view, resource structure, ability, desire, character, and so on, you just didn't choose the right person. Don't care too much."

She smiled, "You never experience getting married."

Jasper said with a smile, "Yes, but I have seen so many marriages around me that I can gain insights from them. As for marriage or love, failure was not the worst result. What's worse, it will be the saddest thing if you can't open your heart to accept another man because of your past mistakes. "

Ashley blinked her eyes. She didn't expect that Jasper had the potential to be a love instructor.

"Is the relation between you and your father good?" As Jasper spoke, he smoked.

When it came to her father, Ashley's heart became a little heavy. "Have you ever read A Hundred Year Loneliness, Jasper?"

"Parents are a curtain between you and the death?" Jasper thought for a while and asked.

"Yes." She changed her sleeping position and lay flat on the bed, looking at the wooden ceiling. "Since my parents divorced, I have always hated my father. And in the past few years, my father almost completely ignored me. Even today, he doesn't know what I'm thinking about. We can't talk too much each time. Therefore, my feelings for him are just normal, far less than that for my mother. "

Jasper listened quietly, not interrupting her.

"When I came back from the hospital, I was wondering why I was so depressed. Was it because I didn't want him to die?" Or is it because he blocked the distance between death and me? I am afraid that if he dies, I should face the death by myself, so I am so afraid?"

"It's normal to judge a person's importance to yourself based on their negative feelings," answered Jasper, whose face was somewhat vague in the orange light.

"Really?" She obviously did not accept this.

"I know a friend. He was very calm when his mother died. He didn't feel any sorrow at all. One day, about a few months later, he really wanted to eat braised fish cooked by his mother, and he cried while thinking of it. "

She didn't say anything, but what Jasper said somewhat comforted her, making her feel that she might not be that fickle in love.

"Turn off the light and sleep. You still have work to do tomorrow." Said Jasper.

"Okay." She stretched out her arms to turn off the bedside lamp. The room was now in complete darkness.

Next day, Jasper didn't go to work. He called Henry and told him the schedule

I did this to save a person's life. Mr. Francis's irresponsible remarks made a splash in the public. If the matter wasn't clarified, Ashley would be laughed at by others wherever she went. You are not only ruining a person's career, but also a person's life. "

Francis couldn't tell what he was feeling at the moment. He was jealous and embarrassed. He was angry not only because of Jasper's arrogant attitude but also because of his innocence. He was also jealous that the best person to Ashley was not him.

"…… Mr. Jasper, What do you want me to help you clarify? "

"I heard that there were hidden facts about Ashley and her child. Mr. Francis, you may know something about it. So I hope he can clarify it with her in the press conference."

"Is Ashley willing to make this public?" Francis frowned.

"At this point, maybe she didn't want to, but now she has no choice."

In the evening, Jamie returned to the film crew with the news about Samuel's illness.

Terminal cancer in the bones.

Although Ashley had already mentally prepared, she didn't get ill-mannered when she heard the news. Instead, she was absent-minded for a while.

The ward was full of the smell of disinfectant. When Sheila learned that Samuel had cancer, her first reaction was that it was a good opportunity to promote her and Francis. She couldn't wait to contact the Xue family and tried to urge them, with prepared excuse, to get the wedding done while her father was still alive.

When Francis's parents heard about the news, they also came to the hospital to visit him on the same day. Ashley rushed to the hospital in a hurry. But she still failed hide the news from Samuel. The old couple were busy chatting with Samuel in the ward.

"Cancer is not a big deal? Since the medical technology is so developed nowadays, there is always a way out." "You're in good health. But how did you get cancer all of a sudden? "

They kept mentioning "cancer", which infuriated Ashley and she asked, "Who asked you to come to the hospital?"

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