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   Chapter 126 In The hotel At Midnight (Part One)

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"Sheila will be distinguished Mrs. Xue soon. Of course we must be more careful." Gloria walked from the door slowly.

Ashley was expressionless. "Where is Sheila? Doesn't she know that dad is sick and where is she?"

"I asked Sheila to go back home for a rest. She bled so much and she is pregnant. She can't take such twists and turns." Gloria said, pretending she was winning, "You can leave now. I don't want to see you."

Ashley was so angry that she almost wanted to give that old woman a kick. She clenched her teeth and said, "He is my father. If you want to go out, you can!"

Gloria didn't expect Ashley was so stubborn. She pushed Ashley away and said, "It was you who made your father angry. If it were not you, your father will not in hospital today."

Jamie was shocked that there was such a shameless woman in the world.

Betty stopped Ashley and said, "Miss, this is not the right time to quarrel in the ward. It's not good for your father's health."

Jamie also went up and stopped Ashley, "The doctor also said that your father would be fine when he wakes up. Ashley, let's go out first. You still have work to do tomorrow."

After weighing the pros and cons, Ashley didn't argue with Gloria. She gave her a stare and left the ward.

A nurse just came over and saw the three people coming out. She asked, "Who is the patient's family member?"

Ashley stepped forward and answered, "I am."

"Come with me to pay the bill."

Ashley persuaded Betty to go back, and then asked Jamie to wait for her outside the ward. She would come back soon after paying the medical fee. After paying the fee, Ashley was taken to the office of the attending doctor. Looking at the physician, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

"When we are doing the emergency treatment, we find that the patient seems to have tumor in his body, but we are not sure whether it is

that, Jamie was stunned. She wondered if something had happened to Ashley again. "Is there news about her again?"

"No, there isn't." Jasper said briefly, "I want to ask you if there is anything else happened to Ashley."

Hearing the boss's cold voice, Jamie shivered with cold. Her brain worked quickly after being awakened. "Ashley's father fainted and is in hospital. We went back to the film set after checking at the hospital. If there was anything wrong, she was a little absent-minded when she went back to the crew. There was nothing else."

"Which room does Ashley live in?"


Jasmine hung up the phone as soon as she got the answer. Hearing the beep in the phone, Dong became drowsy and fell asleep soon.

As his sleepiness faded away, Jasper changed his clothes and drove towards the crew.

The road condition was good at night and he drove fast. It normally took two hours' drive, and he got reach there in just half an hour. He asked the waiter to lead him to room 305. The waiter knocked at the door and nobody responded after a long while.

Irritable, Jasper said, "Open it with the spare key."

When the door was opened, he found that the room was very quiet. Jasper felt uneasy and quickly turned on the light.

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