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   Chapter 124 Disgraceful Mother And Daughter (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-14 00:12

Her greeting drew Francis back to reality. He didn't know how to greet her, and he had thought to avoid seeing Ashley. Now he ran into her, and she was being polite to him. He felt even worse. "I'm sorry about the show," Francis said, taking a complex look at Ashley

Ashley couldn't tell how she felt. She did make use of him, but what Francis did was really heartbreaking. As for the feud between them, it was hard to tell who was wrong.

"It's no problem, Mr. Francis. You did this to protect your fiancee. I understand. I might solicit your patronage in the future," Ashley said with a polite smile.

Her polite words was even worse than scolding him. Francis wanted to say something to defend himself, but he didn't know how to. He didn't have a stand, nor did he have any reason to defend himself. Anyway, what he did hurt her.

Samuel had never paid attention to the news in the entertainment circle. As usual, he went to work every day, so the employees dared not gossip in front of the president. It was until the off work time that a department director returned to report his work and vaguely mentioned his family affair.

Samuel was so angry that he almost fainted after he saw the video in which Entertainment Front was displayed on the Internet. His eldest daughter was really vicious! And Francis was also too bad!

Everything went well with Sheila. She had a good mood these days. Although the scandal had been clarified that she could go out and go to work normally, she didn't want to work since she was resigned. What's the point of going to work? Everyone in the company wanted her bad luck. None of them were good. Anyway, her dad was rich and she would marry Francis later. She simply didn't go out to work.

Every day, she woke up late, ate and drank, went out to buy clothes or for beauty treatment.

all your dirty tricks. I piss you off.'

The manicurist was surprised and excited for this news. She forced herself not to be curious about it and asked cautiously, "Sheila won't do manicure. Will you continue?"

Fanny leaned against the chair lazily and answered, "Yes! Of course!"

Two manicurists were in charge of one of Fanny's hands respectively, and the two of them served the guests in a respectful and professional manner. "Is what you just said true? Is everything on the program made up by Sheila? Did she make it up?"

"How could that be fake?" Being questioned, Fanny made a vivid description of it, "I have known her for so many years, I certainly know what kind of person she is. Sheila..."

Sheila got very angry for she failed to show off. She went to the shopping mall and then went to have a big meal. After that, she calmed down and drove home.

As soon as Samuel got off work, he went straight home. When he heard that Gloria was out to play mahjong and Sheila went out for shopping, he was even more furious. At this moment, his little daughter might suffer a lot. Gloria and Sheila had done such a terrible thing to her. How shameless they were! They didn't feel a little guilty at all!

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