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   Chapter 122 A Renewal Of Dispute (Part 2) (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 6218

Updated: 2020-03-13 12:56

Ashley had been holding back her anger all day long yesterday, and Daisy coincidentally came up against her. Although she put a slap on Daisy's face, she felt much better.

"Well, I've known it," she said with a smile from the bottom of her heart. "I'm still saying that. You're really overconfident. How can I lose to you? You think highly of yourself."

Daisy felt like she were stripped off by Ashley. Shame and anger, hatred and jealousy, all came to Daisy at the same time. Her anger and fear all broke out in an instant. It seemed that Daisy had been given a fillip, which made her struggle free from Ashley. With a ferocious face, she ran scratch towards her.

"Ashley, I'll fight it out with you."

Ashley didn't pay any attention to Daisy's sudden outburst. She quickly took a step and succeeded to avoid her.

"Daisy, if you still want to play the role, stop it."

This voice!

When she heard this, Daisy immediately turned around and saw the man who was walking slowly through the corridor between the old house and the walls. It was Dylan who had asked for leave these days.

Why was he here? Didn't he go to take care of his seriously ill grandma? Before coming, Daisy had made sure that Dylan had asked for leave and was not at the shooting site. Then she came to find fault with Ashley. What was going on? Why did Dylan come back at this time?

Embarrassed, Daisy stammered, "Brother Dylan, I..."

"Ashley's right. That night you slept with me was really expensive." With a cold face, Dylan walked to her. "The role I promised you is still yours. From now on, I won't give you any important role to you anymore. Well, good luck to you. If you keep finding fault, I'll take these roles back."

"Brother Dylan!" Daisy was scared when she heard these.

Her acting skills were so common that she didn't have any connections in th

aring that, Ashley's nose twitched. Dylan really cared about her. Now his grandmother's serious illness, he even stop to work, but he still care about her whether she lived a bad life because of the scandal.

She blinked her eyes to hold back her tears, "Don't worry, I will take good care of myself, and you also take care. When the movie is finished, I will go to see grandma."

"Okay," Dylan patted her on the shoulder, walked out of the film site, got into the car and drove away.

After Entertainment Front was aired, Francis didn't want to meet and talk with Ashley because he broke up with her, and now he was even more guilty and unwilling to see her. But he hadn't been to the crew for several days to prepare for the press conference. There were many demos for him to check, and the expenditures needed to be determined by him. He couldn't hide outside any longer.

In the end, Francis drove towards the studio.

When he arrived at the site, it was about three o'clock in the afternoon. The people were sitting together in small groups. Francis felt a little relieved after he didn't see Ashley. Chase was smoking and yawning on his chair. Francis walked toward him in the strange looks of the people. "Director Chase."

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