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   Chapter 121 A Renewal Of Dispute (Part one) (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5574

Updated: 2020-03-13 13:04

After finishing her work, Ashley took a rest on a chair nearby. Several extras, who were not far from her, watched and gossiped about her.

"…… No wonder she is so popular among men..."

"If I could have such a face, I could also be the lead role..."

"…… "What's in this woman's mind? She is both talented and beautiful. Isn't it good for her to fall in love with a decent man and work hard? Why does she have to make trouble..."

Jamie couldn't endure anymore. She handed the water-warming bag to her and said, "Ashley, let's take a walk somewhere else. You still have a part to shoot."

Ashley nodded.

The yard in late autumn was surrounded by many yellow leaves. Ashley and Jamie walked on the leaves and they reached the back of a house. There was a huge jujube tree standing at the back of the old house. The tree was covered with dark red dates, and there were some falling on the ground.

Ashley stooped down and picked up a few red dates which were in good condition. She wiped the stain on her clothes and then took a bite, which was sweet and crisp.

"Jamie! Please have some. It's really sweet." She handed some dates to Jamie.

"You are in a good mood, Miss Ashley. The rumors about you are spreading. It seems that you are still in the mood to pick up dates."

Ashley tilted her head and saw Daisy, who had already finished her acting of the play already. She was the one who shouldn't come.

Taking the date from Ashley's hand, Jamie took a bite. It was so sweet that made her mouth full of love. "Ashley, let me go to the tree to get some fresh ones."

Jamie deliberately ignored Daisy, and Ashley was not in the mood to talk with

cked again.

Daisy face instantly turned pale. The film crew, the producer, the director and the scriptwriter all knew about this matter, but no one said anything about it. At this moment, when this secret was revealed by Ashley in this way, Daisy felt like her skin was peeled off by Ashley.

"And I heard that Dylan had a one night stand with you when he shot the previous movie. You're really something.

Daisy's her lips shivered, "You... You... "

"It seems that you are still asking for a role from Dylan." Ashley said with a meaner tone, "You are not a virgin. Your night is really expensive."

"What You You bitch! " Embarrassed, angry and angry, Daisy tried to slap her!

Ashley easily grabbed her wrist, turned around and slapped back. Ashley's strength was even stronger than Dylan. Let alone a little girl like Daisy. A slap made Daisy stagger to one side!

She pinched Daisy's slender wrist and said, "And I've already known that you are the informer. You don't need to tell me."

Regardless of the pain, Daisy was stunned by the oncoming remarks from Ashley, "You knew it already?"

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