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   Chapter 120 A Renewal Of Dispute (Part one) (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-13 00:32

Ashley trembled with anger. What the hell did Sheila say? Was it because of there was no hope for Francis to reconcile with Ashley so he started to defame her as what Sheila did?

The show of Entertainment Front was still going on.

The host asked, "I heard that Sheila is pregnant for four weeks. Are you going to get married?

Sheila held Francis' arm and answered with a smile, "Of course we will get married. Francis is a responsible man. How could he let his child live without a father. But Francis is busy with the Nature of Nanshan. We are going to get the marriage certificate first. When he finished the shooting of the TV play, we will prepare for the wedding."

Jamie wanted to turn off the video program for her. Seeing that, Ashley pushed away her hands and said in a cold voice, "No, I'd like to see what they will fabricate on the show."

The host asked, "Will you invite Ashley?"

Sheila looked distressed, "I don't know. Ashley seems to have an illusion about the last marriage. If I invite her to attend the wedding, I am afraid that the wedding will not be successful. But she is my sister, and it seems improper not to invite her. So now I am also very distressed."

The host said, "According to Sheila, Ashley seemed to love Mr. Francis very much back then. How could she be pregnant with someone else's child?"

Sheila answered, "I'm not sure about that. Ashley is a soft-hearted and easy-going girl. She is beautiful and has many pursuers. I guess she might cannot resist her impulse.

Holding the phone tighter and tighter, Ashley's face became more and more gloomy.

Not daring to interrupt her, Jamie took out her phone from her bag and turned it on. He found a missed call from Jasper, and he also sent her a wechat message, which

is solved, I will be more famous, won't I?"

Griffith snorted and continued, "Francis of Guantang Group shown up in the show, how could Ashley have the chance to clarify.

"It was all said by Sheila." Morris opened the webpage again and said, "I believe in Ashley's personality. And you should also believe in Mr. Jasper's tactics."

Morris commented in the comments box, "I believe Ashley."

When Ashley arrived at the site, she found that Dylan had already asked for leave. As a result, she shot Dylan's role with his stunt double. She had made a phone call to him before. It was said that his grandmother, who had been taking care of him since he was a child, was seriously ill. And Dylan had been staying by her bedside to take care of her. He couldn't leave her at the moment.

Most of them were just colleagues. Dylan was the only one whom she could chat with. Since Dylan was absent, Jamie was the only one whom Ashley could rely on. No one could be invincible. When being isolated by the environment, people would long for a person of the same kind, or a person who could understand her. Fortunately, she had Jamie by her side. Otherwise, she would be alone here.

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