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   Chapter 118 Paternity Testing (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10861

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Gloria thought she heard it wrong, looking at Sheila incredibly, and asked again, "What did you say?"

The question made Sheila more guilty, and she murmured in a lower voice, "This child... is not Francis'"

A stream of blood almost gushed out of Gloria mouth, which made her dizzy. She grabbed the wash basin with her hand which was wearing ruby and asked, "Who is the baby's father?"

"Mom, the key problem now is not who the child's father is, but how to get through this test." Sheila had no time to be ashamed. She grabbed Gloria's arm and said, "Auntie Belinda will take me to do a paternity test later. What should I do, Mommy?"

"What should you do? Now you ask me what you should do. You didn't even think twice when you slept with another man!" Gloria shook off Sheila's hand and roared.

"Mom, help me. I really don't know what to do now." Sheila knelt on the ground and begged, "I really can't live without Francis. If Auntie Belinda knows that this child is not Francis', I would be over. Mom, please help me... Mom... "

Staring at her daughter, Gloria felt distressed for her. "I thought you wanted to marry Francis. Why did you sleep with another man? What's wrong with you?"

"I have no choice," Sheila held Gloria's leg and said, "Ashley, that bitch always seduces Francis. I can't compete with her if I don't have a baby. Since Francis was with me and we were on birth control all the time, I didn't have a chance. So I have to find another man to have a baby with me!"

Upon hearing this, Gloria was so angry that she wanted to give her a slap! "You idiot!"

"I know I'm stupid. Mom, help me please." Sheila shook Gloria's leg.

Seeing how much her daughter cared about Francis, Gloria was angry and distressed. "Stand up first!"

"Mom, will you help me?" Sheila stopped crying.

"What else can I do if I don't help you? Do I want to see you ruin your reputation?" Gloria took Sheila's arm and helped her stand up. "We are going with Francis and Belinda today. If they want to do the test, let them do it."

"Will it be disclosed?" Sheila worried.

"We are already in the hospital. It would be more strange if we find an excuse to leave." Gloria gradually came up with an idea. "The result of the paternity test can't come out on the same day. Today, we will try our best to cooperate with them. After we win their trust, I will think of a way to ask someone to change the result of the personally test."

"Will it work?" Sheila was not sure about it.

"Then what do you think we should do?" Gloria was pissed off. How could Sheila be so stupid to make such a stupid mistake and ask her to take the responsibility with her?

Seeing that her mother was about to get angry again, Sheila hurriedly said, "It's all up to you, mom."

Gloria and Sheila returned to normal as they walked out of the bathroom. Especially Sheila, she smiled happily and politely. "Sorry to have kept you two waiting. There are so many people waiting in the corridor. Alas! I've been waiting for a long time."

As a woman, Belinda knew that women's room was always crowded, so she did not seek for trouble. "It's good that you are out. Let's go. Francis has already registered and we can check it once we go in."

With the

his, it would make sense to invite her to dinner. But her smile was not the right mood. Her sister, as well as her love rival, had got pregnant with her boyfriend, and she was forced to break up. Even if Ashley could not behave like suffering a heartbreaking tragedy, she should not be smiling like this.

"I can't guess."

"I broke up with Francis." She's been waiting his compliments.

Jasper stared at her motionlessly.

After waiting for a while, Ashley didn't see any other expressions on his face, so she was a little surprised why he was so calm.

When the elevator reached the underground, they both were still looking at each other. When the door opened, Jasper finally had some expression on his face. He sighed, touched her head and walked out of the elevator first.

It was not until the elevator was about to close did Ashley came to her senses. She hurriedly pressed the open button and walked out of the elevator to run after Jasper.

At this moment, Jasper thought that he had rousted her too much in the past. Although he did that for the sake of her career, it was really hard for her breaking up with Francis. He knew this feeling quite well, just as he broke up with Sara recently. He was a quiet and indifferent man and had a hard time processing the whole thing before he broke up with Sara. As he accepted the fact that he had been betrayed, he had to think of a way to deal with this matter properly. He needed to do something to make neither of them felt embarrassed, and still both would be dead to their love.

Since Ashley loved Francis so much, breaking up with him must be more difficult. He had forced her so hard at that time, and she was under the pressure of him. Now her stepsister was pregnant with Francis's baby and she broke up with him, so she must be very sad. But in order to give him an explanation, she actually told him her relationship progress under this situation.

Alas, it was not easy for this girl.

And she didn't want to show off her spirit in front of her boss. She had to force herself to smile.

'Well, it's not easy for this girl to make great efforts, ' Jasper sighed in his heart again.

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