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   Chapter 115 Deserted Garden (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10009

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What did they talk there?

It was hard for Ashley to imagine that they would never be able to speak in a low voice in such a noisy place.

Jasper led her through the crowd and went to a corner. Ashley found a narrow passage hidden there. The corridor was narrow. Only one person was allowed to pass it each time.

Jasper walked in familiarly, and Ashley followed behind, "Is the food here delicious? Although it was a cramped place but it is so popular."

"Well, the food is alright. A very popular restaurant with a respected predecessor is in charge of it. We usually come here to support him when we are free."

After passing about 30 meters in the aisle, their vision was broadened instantly. What they saw was a square building, surrounded by an end-to-end corridor. When they got out of the aisle, they stood in the corridor. There was a room in the outer side of the corridor, and a large pond in the middle. The bright moonlight shone on the pond and the corridor, making people feel like they were in a dream.

With the moonlight, it seemed that water was running in the hallway. Ashley was surprised and asked, "Is the whole building built on the water?"

"Well, this is a lotus pool. The original shops for Braised Fish In Hot Wine are only as big as the front hall. Later, there were more and more guests, and it was difficult to rent a residential area in the surrounding, so she rented this lotus pond. There was a hallway and wing room built on it. The aisle we passed just now was some households.

Jasper led her across the corridor, his voice was deep. She followed the voice. The moonlight around them reminded Ashley of a song called "Peony Pavilion" of "Deserted Garden".

The heroine, Truda, was so obsessed with etiquette. One day, she led her maid to go for a spring trip with her parents in the back garden. After she went back to her room to had a rest. She dreamt that she went to the back garden again, and met Carl there. They fell in love with each other with under the witness of the God of flowers. However, it was just a dream, full of love and affection, which was like the shade in the lotus pond. She woke up when her mother called her, and everything was gone.

As she stopped, Jasper also stopped. Following her gaze, he saw a withered leaf on the pond. The moon's shadows in the sky reflected in the water, making people feel calm and happy.

"What are you thinking about? Why do you stop?"

Ashley came back to her sense. Recently, she had been thinking too much and afraid of losing. "... Nothing. I just thought of a play."

"Deserted Garden?"

Ashley looked back in surprise and asked, "How do you know?"

"When I brought Flora here for the first time to have dinner with the producer, and she also said that it reminded her of "Deserted Garden".

Flora? Why did Flora think of this play also? She remembered what Jasper had told her. 'Flora is a promiscuous person. She often changes her boyfriend.' Why did she think of "Des

who got involved in other people's families unintentionally. She was helpless and she had too much irresistible impulse. Although she felt guilty when she faced the heroine, she didn't think she was wrong. She showed pity for the heroine, and at the same time looked down upon the heroine as if she was a victor... It was very difficult to act.

She went through several plans in her mind and finally decided. She put down the script and gently interrupted, "Aimee, I'm ready."

Hearing this, Aimee turned her head and said, "Well, let's get started."

Harry and Jasper stopped the conversation.

They stood on both ends of the room. Ashley carried her handbag in her hand as a basket. She dreamily made a gesture of opening the door. She opened the door for two times specially. The first time she failed to open it because she was absent-minded, and she finally opened it for the second time.

The moment Ashley stepped out of the door and raised her head, Harry was shocked by her beautiful face. Although she was wearing an introverted smile on the table, she looked like someone else at the moment. He had lost his soul, got exhausted, had a faint sense of confusion and was fated to be numb.

Harry thought to herself, 'how could an actress at such a young age mix up so many passionate feelings? That's really rare.'

Ashley walked out of the door and looked up. Not far from the street, she saw that Aimee was talking with the girl next to her. There were two extreme emotions, jealousy and compassion. They burst out in her eyes at the same time, which made her look miserable and pitiful

Harry held his breath and thought, 'Great! They look exactly like the role he wanted!'!

She walked slowly in the direction that she must pass.

Noticing that she was coming, Aimee also looked at her. The two women's confrontation was quiet, and everything was clear in their eyes. When they passed, Aimee politely said, "Are you going to the grocery"

She said, "Yes, I am."

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