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   Chapter 112 Be A Father (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10116

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"Are you in love, Ashley?"

Hearing what he said, Ashley was frightened.

The shooting site was in an old alley, and the houses there were aged. The red bricks' wall had long since lost its color. With the rain flushing all the year round, layers of green moss covered the old wall, making it unrecognizable. The building looked very old, but it was very solid. There were still several people living in the alleyway, and the crew had rented the wider one.

Ashley was resting on a rocking chair under the grape rack. She didn't notice that Dylan had come.

Hearing that, Dylan could not help but hold his chin between his fingers. In recent days, when Ashley was taking a rest after filming, she either smirked or put on a gloomy face. Apparently, that was a sign of falling in love.

His cold stare scared Ashley. She denied, "No. Stop speculating!"

Dylan continued, "Who is he?"

Ashley pushed him away and said, "I told you I'm not in love."

Dylan felt very upset as if his dearest cabbage was taken away by the boar. He looked at Ashley with a complex look in his eyes. After a long while, he didn't ask anything and said, "Sheila must be pregnant. The private detective found a contraceptive stick with two bars out of the garbage can.

"Really? !" After waiting for more than half a month, she finally got the news.

Sheila had the same feeling as Ashley, and she was even more eager get pregnant. She finally succeeded shortly. This child was her only hope, and she must seize it!

Sheila, wearing a mask and sunglasses, went a place far away and threw the contraceptive stick into a bottle. Since the recording was released, Ashley had been unable to go out to visit anyone. Every day, there were journalists crouching in front of the door of the villa, and some of them often abused her in front of the Fang's villa.

The HR in the company also informed her that if she didn't go to work, she would be fired. How could she have the cheek to go to work in this way? She didn't need money to support her family, so Sheila directly resigned, with her full heart and soul on how to get back with Francis.

'Ashley is an evil woman. How could she do this to hurt me? After getting married with Francis, I would definitely teach her a lesson!' Sheila thought.

When Francis was chatting with Chase in the small room of the old house the day before, his phone began to vibrate. He picked up the phone from the blackened wooden table and saw that it was a call from Sheila.

Francis hadn't contacted with Sheila for more than half a month. He was a very tender-hearted person. Since Sheila had begged him not to break up with her for several times, he couldn't stand any more. So he didn't contact Sheila since then. He wanted to take this opportunity to solve the problem.

Looking at the name on the screen, Francis wondered why Sheila call him. Had she finally straightened out her thinking? Or did she still want to reconcile with him? It was his fault to be double-minded and wandering between

ve anything else to say, I will go now."

"Don't go, Francis!" Once again, Sheila held his waist tightly. "I have a lot of things to tell you."

"Let go of me first." He was so frightened that he tried to get rid of her hand. They were in the public place. It would be terrible if Ashley knew this.

Sheila held her tightly. "If you promise me that you won't go, I will let you go."

"Okay, I promise you. Let go of me!"

Sheila hesitantly released her hand and said, "Francis, let's find a quiet place to have a chat. There are too many people here."

"There is a nice restaurant nearby and few people are there. It's time for dinner. Let's go to have dinner together," Francis proposed.

This was Sheila's dream.

She had sleeping pills in her hand. As long as she put some of them in Francis food and sent him to the hotel, everything would be okay.

After finished one shooting, Ashley went back to a deck chair under the grape treetops to take a rest. She looked around and didn't see Francis. She frowned. If it was in the past, she would not pay so much attention to Francis, but since Dylan told her that Sheila was pregnant, she had a feeling that Sheila was going to make a move.

"Jamie, have you seen Mr. Francis?"

Jamie poured her a glass of warm water. "I saw Mr. Francis go out just now."

'Go out?' Ashley's brows knitted more tightly. Since Dylan was here today, he especially gave the private detective a call before he left. Just as Ashley was about to ask the detective, the director began to call again, " All actors be ready. We are going to shoot now."

Ashley had just taken a sip of water, so she went back to work immediately.

While having dinner with Sheila, Francis began to feel sleepy. As a film producer, he had to take care of many things and it was inevitable for him to work overtime. He had to adjust a lot of things because of the new scripts. He was also very busy these days, so he didn't have enough sleep, and that was why he always stayed up late.

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