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   Chapter 111 Dine With Jasper In A Restaurant For Couples (Part 2)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10274

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There was a huge dancing floor in the center of the circle. Different from the guests' tables, it was brilliantly lit up. There were several huge crystal chandeliers hanging on the ceiling They were not dazzling, like white sand and moonlight, very gentle. On the dance floor, there were couples were hugging and dancing each other.

As she was walking in front of the person she wanted to love, the surrounding music was as smooth as water and the light was so enchanting. It seemed that Ashley entered a world of unrealistic movies.

A waiter whispered to ask the table number that Jasper had booked, and then led them to a guest seat by the wall. After Jasper thanked the waiter, he gently pulled out the chair for her.

She felt as if she were floating on the clouds. She was still sleepy, so she was not able to distinguish between dream and reality. "Mr. Jasper... Why are you here? "

Jasper lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "I want you to do me a favor."

She felt itchy on her ear, as if she was held in his arms. She clenched her fists and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Jasper sat opposite her and beckoned her to take off her mask and sunglasses. Ashley did as he said. The dim light not only didn't make him look handsome, but also added a touch of attractiveness to him. She felt a little pain in her heart, which seemed to be burned by such a man's charm. She could not help but lower her head and close her eyes that were soaked by the beauty. She could not help but pray in her heart.

'who can save me, who can save me...'

Crossing his arms and leaning his elbows on the desk, Jasper said, "I want you to pretend to be my new girlfriend."

It was like a shock to Ashley. With a buzz in her mind, she suddenly looked up and said, "what did you say?"

Jasper assumed that she didn't agree, so he said earnestly, "please do me a favor, only for tonight, please."

Ashley finally came to her sense. She knew just pretending, not true. She had been narcissistic before. She had just been intoxicated herself with the idea that Jasper wanted to make her less contact with Francis. She sorted out her thoughts and asked in a low voice, "why did you do that?"

Jasper beckoned her to look into the direction of the opposite of the dancing floor. Ashley saw guests' tables by the window. Since the light was too dark, she didn't see anything, but she got an answer in her mind.

Sara and her partner were sitting on the table which she couldn't see clearly.

So, his request was obvious. He should have known what happened to Sara, and he planned to let her leave without inner burden.

"Sara is so lucky that you treat her sincerely," Ashley's smile was a little bitter.

The light was dim, and Jasper could not see the change on her face. He opened the menu and pushed it in front of her. "Perhaps it's her misfortune to fall in love with me. She has wasted her life for so many years."

Ashley could feel his guilt in his tone. She thought for a while and said, "Most people we meet are just the passers-by in our lives. T

wanted it or because he wanted to help Sara.

Looking at her bright red lips, he muttered, "Ashley, I want to kiss you."

Hearing what he said, Ashley's hand tightened. She was so drunk that she had lost her direction. Closing her eyes, she mumbled, "okay."

Jasper looked at her and pressed his lips lightly on hers.

Ashley felt that she was about to die.

Sara was deceiving herself. Her heart shrank and her eyes widened as she suddenly saw the couple kissing.

Her partner found that she stopped dancing, so he stopped as well. "Sara, what's wrong with you? What are you looking at?"

He looked in the direction of Sara's gaze. When he saw a couple kissing, he felt a little embarrassed. Covering her eyes with his big hand, he said, "You're a girl. Why are you staring at a couple so seriously?"

As soon as he finished saying that, he felt that his palms were wet. Sara cried!

The man put his arms around Sara's body, stooped down to see her tearful face, and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe her tears. "Sara... Why are you crying? What did I do to you? "

Sara knew that she was ill-mannered, so she wanted to disguise with a smile, but tears kept coming. She couldn't help crying, making his handkerchief wet. "It's not you... You are a good You are a good man... "

Seeing this, the man hastily took her out of the dance floor. As they returned to their seats, Sara still could not hold back her tears, as if she was to shed all the tears she had gathered in the past two years when she had been together with Jasper.

The man sent her home. Sara had cried for a long time on the bed. She was so tired and heartbroken after crying so many times. At last, she picked up her mobile phone from her bag, found out the name of Jasper and composed a text message:

"Jasper, let's break up."

After a while, he replied, "okay."

After receiving the message, Sara deleted all his contact information.

They had been together for more than two years, but there was no trace of their last relationship.

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