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   Chapter 107 Kiss

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9561

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When everything was settled, Jasper showed up on the filming site

After the script was changed, there were still many scenarios to be shot in the sanatorium. The whole crew had to stay in the sanatorium for a week.

Last night, it was raining outside. When Jasper got off the car and was blown by the cold wind, he couldn't help but look at the row of ginkgo trees outside the sanatorium. The autumn wind swept the golden leaves all over the ground. From time to time, a small quantities of yellow leaves were blew down from the treetops.

Jasper couldn't help but catch them.

"Mr. Jasper is so romantic," Dylan asked in a teasing tone from a side front.

As Jasper turned around, the director, the scriptwriter, Francis, Dylan, Ashley and other main creators of the crew all came out to receive him. When Jasper glanced at Ashley, she seemed to be a little embarrassed. They looked at each other for a second or two and then looked away.

Since everything had been settled satisfactorily, Chase was in a good mood, "In the future, we have one more member. Ashley, why not invite your boss in quickly."

When Ashley noticed Jasper, she felt her mood was hardly described easily by words. Being absent-minded, she was shocked when someone called her name. She turned to look at Jasper subconsciously, then she withdrew her gaze immediately as she found Jasper was also looking at her.

Jasper skillfully diverged the conversation in just few seconds, "Chase, you are flattering me. I have to rely on you for this play."

They continued the conversation with some small talk. After a while, Jasper was finally asked to come in. Dylan, and Francis, and Jasper, the three investors, found a place to talk and the others went back to the site to continue shooting.

After a week's scandal, Hazel was silent. She kept a low profile. She had 5 assistants to take care of her in turn before, but now she only kept one by her side.

After the incident, if Hazel hadn't been aware of the reason for her being slandered, she would have wasted her time in the entertainment circle. Seeing that Ashley was following the director's investor, although she knew that it was all her own fault, she couldn't help but feel a little resentment when she saw Ashley had gone well.

Ashley was walking towards the shooting site. When passing by Hazel, Hazel couldn't help saying sarcastically, "You are so lucky to have so many people to escort you."

Ashley stopped and frowned in confusion.

It seemed that she didn't know the truth at all. Hazel continued with more sarcastic remarks.

'Oh, my God! Someone made great efforts to pave the way for her, but this woman doesn't know anything about it at all.' How could she be totally unknown the truth? How could she be so free from psychological burden? It was hard to tell whether she was satirizing Ashle

w can you say that? "

In such a dim light, Francis's facial expression was very obscure. Ashley couldn't see him through. They just looked at each other for a while. Finally, Ashley couldn't stand the atmosphere any longer. She said first, "Francis... HMM! "

The moment she called out his name, Francis pressed himself against her body and blocked her words with his soft lips!

Ashley was about to push him away rationally. However, she failed because Francis strength was unexpectedly strong.

When she came to her senses, she couldn't refuse him anymore.

How could she say no? This man was her boyfriend. He had given her a good role. He helped her a lot, but she exploited him to revenge on Sheila...

Noticing that she stopped struggling, Francis slowly released his hand which was holding her waist and held her tightly in his arms. His tongue and lips moved into her mouth bit by bit.

For Ashley, this sense of being captured was not from the man, but from the fate. She stepped back, from resistance to slowly opening her heart to accept this man. She felt the power and ruthlessness of fate.

The kiss made her feel hopeless--a kind of despair that she couldn't obtain the love she wanted from the bottom of her heart. She had every possibility with anyone else, except Jasper. Just like Aimee, and like those women who fell in love with Jasper, but left dejectedly.

She didn't know how long this kiss lasted before Francis finally let her off.

Ashley lowered her eyes obediently and numbly. Francis rubbed her lips with his fingers and he seemed to have a sense of security. His emotions were no longer unstable as before, and he gently held the obedient woman in his arms.

The atmosphere was still intense between them. However, a smell of tobacco enveloped Ashley's nostrils. She turned her head abruptly, but to her surprise, she saw nobody.

Was it her illusion?

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