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   Chapter 103 Confrontation

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As Jasper was physically strong, he woke up in the afternoon after the first-aid infusion. When he opened her eyes and saw himself lying in the ward, he turned his head and saw that Ashley was sitting on the chair and staring blankly. She was still in the red dress yesterday, and her white wrists were putting around her knees, which made her look even more beautiful.

What had happened between them last night was not very pleasant, so she felt awkward or embarrassed when they faced each other again. But he didn't feel so, because he thought that nothing had happened between them last time. It was not a big deal.

"What time is it?"

Hearing what he said, Ashley turned around suddenly and found that he was awake. She looked at her watch at once and answered, "about three o'clock in the afternoon."

As soon as Jasper was about to sit up, Ashley subconsciously reached out her hand, trying to help him. But she suddenly thought of something and took back her hand. Looking at her expression, Jasper assumed that she was still thinking about what happened last night. After he was seated, he didn't mention it, but intended to ask her about her current work.


"The doctor said that your fever had just been gone, and you need to stay for observation in the hospital for a day. You can leave the hospital tomorrow if feel ok." Ashley was afraid that he would ask something she couldn't answer, so she cut him off first.

Jasper, "..."

"Are you hungry? Uncle Bradley brought some wontons with chicken soup."

"Then I'll have some." said Jasper.

Seeing that Jasper did not ask her what happened yesterday, Ashley was relieved at once. The wonton in the bucket was still warm, but it had been made a little swollen, which seemed that the taste was not very good. But Jasper didn't care. He didn't feel any usual when eating.

Although the doctor asked him to stay in hospital for observation, Jasper worried about his work so he asked Henry to conduct the discharging formalities. Then he put on the clothes brought by Henry and went to work in spirit.

It had been a long time since Ashley went home last time. After Jasper was discharged from hospital, she planned to go back home to stay one night there so that she could visit her father and check what was going on with Sheila and Gloria.

She took a taxi. The driver was a young man. Seeing the woman wearing a mask in the rear-view mirror, he felt familiar with her. When she told him the destination, his eyes were even brighter.

"Are you Ashley?"

Hearing the driver's question, Ashley couldn't help but frown. She really needed some time to be alone. She nodded quietly because she didn't want to hear any rumors.

"You look much more beautiful than your photo." The young man praised sincerely.

"Thank you. I have a sore throat. I can't talk much now." said Ashley in a hoarse voice.

With a straight face, the driver said smilingly, "I'm sorry. Would you like some water?"

She waved her hand and answered in her hoarse voice again, "no, thank you."

The driver

are just bewitching him now. He still loves me. Otherwise he would have broken up with me at the day when the scandal comes out. He wouldn't wait till now to break up with me."

"Really?" A look of contempt spread over her face. Ashley continued to lead the topic to baby, "all you need to do is hurry up and get pregnant as soon as possible. If you two break up, you will have no chance at all."

"Don't be too alarmist!"

"Believe it or not, don't you have informant on the filming site? Ask your informant, then you will know whether I am alarmist." Ashley stood up and said, "or, let's guess, to see if you get pregnant faster or Francis breaks up with you faster."

"Why not bet? If you lose, don't pester Francis!"

"Okay." Ashley walked to the door, seeming to have remembered something, turned around and said, "don't shift your attention with other man's kid. I will keep an eye on you. If you play tricks, I will expose you in front of Francis!"

Then she slammed the door.

Sheila stood in her room. An urgent crisis was approaching, which made her breathless quickly. She had long thinking of having a child. However, every time when she was with Francis, they had took contraception measures, so she had turn to IVF. Even if she took IVF, she must have sex with Francis before having a baby.

The last sentence said by Ashley before she left was like a seed in her heart. Yes, if she could not get pregnant with Francis's child, but she could also bear someone else's child, as long as she could deceive Francis' family. After getting married, she could come up with an excuse and have an abortion secretly.

This idea was a bit scary, and Sheila was frightened into a cold sweat.

After that, she began to vacillate... She had no other choice but to give it a try. If Francis broke up with her and reunited with Ashley, it would be too late. She had to seize the last chance. Moreover, it was not difficult to find a man to have a baby, as there was an available one in front of her now -- she had Ethan by her side.

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