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   Chapter 101 Being Set Up

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10177

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However, what she said was right, and he could not refute.

"It's okay. Don't worry. I'm an actress. It's a piece of cake for me," said Ashley, tying up the flower with her silk ribbon, walking to the door with the flowers in her arms

Of course, Dylan was worried about her. "I can't persuade you. Be careful."

Ashley smiled carelessly, opened the door and went out.

When she came out, she went to the next room and knocked on the door heavily. Sheila was sitting on the sofa, while Ethan was taking a shower. She didn't know what was wrong with him, because he kept washing himself. Hearing a knock at the door, she thought it was a waiter, so she replied, "come on." then she stood up and walked to open the door.

After knocking at the door, Ashley immediately unscrewed the medicine and sprinkled it on the stamens. In order to ensure that there was no mistake, she went through every stamen once.

A few seconds later, when Sheila opened the door, she saw a middle-aged woman with a common looking with some flowers in her arms, about to ask. However, Ashley didn't give her the chance. Lowering her head, she fiddled with the calla lily. She passed by Sheila and went straight into the door. "Why are you opening the door so slowly?"

"Who are you?" When Sheila realized what had happened, Ashley had already entered the bedroom.

It seemed that Ashley just woke up from her illusion. She loosened her hands and the flowers fell all over her body. She shouted in a husky voice, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I got into the wrong room. I'm sorry."

As she spoke, she stooped to pick up the calla lily. The tie was loosely tied and scattered on the ground. With her hands embracing most of the leaves, several branches were left.

With an impatient look on Sheila's face, Ashley held the flower in her arms and left in a hurry. She had sprinkled drug into the stamens of the flower, and she was sure that they would not take the bait this time!

When she walked out, she came across a shadow on the door, which made Ashley run into the man all of a sudden. A heavy slam of the door was followed behind her. A smile suddenly came to Ashley's face. She slowly raised her head and saw the face she feared the most.


After sending off his clients and friends, Jasper was about to go back to sort out files. As he passed the corridor, he was hit by a person who was rushing out from the door.

He held the woman in his arms up and looked down. Ashley was also looking up and the two looked at each other.

Frowning, Jasper looked at the face in his arms and found nothing special, but the feeling in his arms could not deceive people. Squinting, he finally saw a familiar face. Thinking of what happened today, he looked at it for some seconds and then shouted out the name, "Ashley!"

Hearing this, Ashley was too frightened to move. As soon as she heard what Jasper said, she came back to her senses and denied with a cold face, "Sir, you've mistaken me for someone else."

She stood firmly and was about to leave. S

eat strength, and she was drugged. How could she escape?

"Jas... per... Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk Jasper..." She held the edge of the bathtub with one hand, and tried to push the man away.

As if venting his anger, Jasper slammed her into the bathtub filled with cold water!

The bathtub was full of water. Although she was not hurt, the water splashed all over her body. Bending over the edge of the bathtub, Ashley coughed violently, almost coughing out all her organs. Cold water was still pouring into the bathtub, which was so full that the whole bathroom was wet.

Jasper turned on the tap of the washing basin and poured some more cold water to her head. Looking at the reflection in the mirror, he saw drops of water fell on her chiseled face. Her eyes were filled with repressive charm instead of deep and dull as usual.

It's useless. No matter how cold water he poured, it's useless.

He fell to the ground feebly. The feeling of being controlled made him ashamed and resentful. Once he was also led by desire. Recalling the messy scene in the past, he closed his eyes in pain, like a fierce beast struggling hard, "What's going on?"

She had been cold and burned for two days, and the cold water outside her body made her teeth tremble. She held the bathtub edge and said in a hoarse voice, "in the calla... there is There is aphrodisiac..."

He knew it was drug, but he didn't know why he was poisoned. It turned out that the aphrodisiac was in the bunch of flowers.

The figure of the man curling up under the wash basin looked very pitiful. Thinking of his previous resolution of killing, now he was even more fragile than the aphrodisiac.

The warm orange light in the bathroom shone on the two people who were tortured to be insensible by the drug.

Before she entered the house with Jasper, she was sure that Jasper was a gentleman and would never do anything stealthily harmful. However, the drug made her dizzy and confused. If the antidote was Jasper, she might... be most willing.

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