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   Chapter 100 Club (Part Two)

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The man was about 1.8 meters tall, with his body tightly wrapped in the blue suit, and the curve of his muscles bulged indistinctly. He looked very energetic. He should be in his thirties, but his meticulously neat hair had turned gray, and he looked like in his forties or fifties.

Such a contradictory man made Ethan look at him a few more times. But the man seemed to notice that and looked here, nodding to him gently. Ethan's eyes widened all of a sudden. Even as a man, he had to marvel at the man's appearance. He was so handsome! His appearance softened the charm of the refined scholars in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and had a strong and clear appearance like a general, which made no woman can reject his charm.

Among all the people he knew, only one could compete with this man.

Jasper of Shengshi Group.

But Jasper was with cold bearings, and hhe always seemed to be cold and unapproachable. If let the girls choose, the man must have the upper hand.

He never saw there was such a mysterious person in a city.

None of the people coming in or out of the private club were ordinary people. Ethan wanted to talk to him, but the man were talking on the phone, it was inappropriate, so he had to nod and call the waiter.

This man, of course, was Dylan.

The servants were responsible for all the utensils of the guests in the club, and it was difficult for others to cook the dishes personally. The safest way to send the aphrodisiac to them was to take it in by Ethan.

It would be more covert for Dylan to talk with them or lead Ethan here to exchange business cards and take the aphrodisiac in. Of course, this was just one way. It was hard to predict the behavior of people, and it was hard to judge whether the method would be turned into a success or not.

Ethan called the waiter. Because Sheila didn't want to see strangers recently, he didn't let the waiter in after he got the menu.

At this time, Dylan also hung up the phone. After thinking for a while, Ethan walked up to him and said, "Hello, I'm Ethan of JC Enterprise. May I know your name?"

Dylan could be a good listener. He could tell from Ethan's expression that he was very interested in him. So Dylan became reserved. "I'm Ouyang, doing core business."

Ethan's eyes lit up and said, "Hello, Mr. Ouyang. We can sit down and have a drink some other day. Maybe there will be a chance for our cooperation." Then Ethan gave his business card to him.

Dylan took the card and looked at it. Then he smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't bring the business card today. Mr. Ethan, please wait a moment. I'll find a paper in the room and write my contact info down."

With these words, he opened the door and went into the room. The door was half closed, so it was not convenient for Ethan to push the door in. He waited at the door as usual.

After entering the room, Dylan asked Ashley to take the piece of paper he had prepared in advance and randomly wrote down a number that could not be connected. Then he walked to the window, opened the medicine bottle and applied the medic

pregnant with Ethan's child, it would be no use. Besides, it took her some time to get pregnant, so Ashley didn't have much time to wait. She must let Sheila experience what she had experienced before. Sheila must marry a man she loved with other's child, and she had to experience being neglected and abandoned by the man she loved so much. That kind of pain could etch into the bone. She must let Sheila suffer the bitterness one by one.

There was no more time left for her. She must succeed that night.

Ashley looked around the room and saw a bunch of water hooves in the bottle. She had an idea.

Seeing that she took the water from the bottle, Dylan immediately pressed her hand and asked cautiously, "what do you want to do?"

"We can sprinkle the medicine on the stamens. I can pretend to go into the wrong room and leave the flowers there, so that they can smell them without any risk."

"No way!" Dylan disagreed firmly. "There isn't anything to hide in the stamen. You will be the first one to smell it. What should you do?"

"I'm fine. I'll hold my breath."

"It's too risky. We can think of other solutions."

"There's no other way. Since the food has been delivered, it's impossible to take other actions on the tableware or diet. Before eating, Ethan and Sheila won't leave the room, so the only way is that I go in voluntarily." You can't send by yourself, because Ethan has met you just now. There's no other way except I go! " She calmly analyzed all the possibilities.

Dylan was speechless."... You You don't have to make such a huge sacrifice, we can still wait for the next chance. "

"It's not a sacrifice. I don't know when I'll have the chance, so I have to seize this opportunity." She struggled to get rid of Dylan's restraint and took the bouquet out of the bottle. "It doesn't matter even if I smell it. I will be fine if I stay here for one night. Didn't you say that people would be fine after one night?"

At this moment, the woman in front of him was so calm and quiet that she was not like a human being.

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