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   Chapter 98 Have A Foot In Both Camps

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Sara was also frightened.

As far as Ashley knew, Jasper's parents traveled abroad all year round. If they found a place they liked, they would live for one or a half year. They lived a carefree and happy life as if they were a storybook couple. Not to mention Sara. Even Nelson, Jasper's son, barely met them all the year around.

However, the relation between Jasper and his parents was cold, and there was no photo of their parents in either the study or the office. Even when Jasper mentioned his family in front of his girlfriend, he would not be able to take a picture and said, "this is my parents." What's more, when Jasper's father was in charge of the company, he always kept a low profile. His photos had not been circulated in the media.

There was little chance that Sara would know Jasper's parents.

According to Ashley's observation, she could tell from Sara's expression that she knew little about Jasper's parents.

"Oh, nice to meet you! Auntie!" Sara said carefully, "I was being rude. Please don't take it to heart."

Ashley didn't plan to talk about such a boring thing with her, so she went straight to the point, "I saw Sara was so intimate with another man, but you don't want to break up with Jasper, are you having your foot in two camps?"

Sara's face was pale, and her voice was trembling. "Aunt, you misunderstood. My parents arranged a blind date for me with that man. I have no choice."

However, from the intimacy between them, she really couldn't tell Sara was involuntarily.

Ashley drank some hot chocolate to press her unhappiness, "didn't your parents know that you have a boyfriend? Why do they still arrange blind dates for you?" she asked.

"Aunt, do you know what Jasper thinks of marriage?" Instead of replying her, Sara asked.

Although Ashley had heard of what she said about "fight me to get married", she had no idea what was going on. It was not a surprise for a mother to know it, so she made no attempt to conceal, "My husband and I don't interfere in Jasper's marriage. He seemed to have told me that he didn't want to get married. Sara, Is this what you want to say?"

Not far away from here, Dylan was listening to the gossip. When he heard the news, his face suddenly became bright and excited. He pulled down the brim of his hat to hide his self and kept listening to them.

"Yes. Jasper doesn't want to get married. He's resolute about this." Parents will always consider about the children's happiness, so do mine. As Jasper doesn't want to get married, my parents worries that I will be delayed, so they arranged blind dates for me. I don't want to see them heartbroken, so I agreed. "

Ashley then remembered what Henry had told him on the phone that Jasper was a good man to his girlfriend and that he would never get married. Every girl who dated him didn't want to waste time on him and ended up breaking up with him one by another.

"It mustn't the first day you know Jasper's view on marriage. Did you just know that?"

Sara's face was as pale as the white paper.

"Sara, It seems that you knew this very early. It's not

eeing that she was no longer angry, Dylan gave a wider smile and said, "Jasper. It is not a big deal, I... hmm..."

Ashley covered Dylan mouth and gave him a warning with her eyes.

Jasper was having dinner with several vice CEOs. When he heard the noise from the other side, he frowned and asked, "where are you? Aren't you at the film site?"

The excitement in Dylan eyes was growing. He pulled Ashley's hand away and said, "I was shopping with Ashley, just now... hmm..."

Ashley covered his mouth quickly and hung up the phone suddenly.

After hanging up the phone, Jasper took the phone away and he could tell from Dylan's tone that there seemed to be something dangerous. Besides, Ashley was with him.

Jasper stood up and left the private room. He went to the corridor, which was surrounded by a pool of fish. Since it was lunchtime, and there was no one else there, He gave Jamie a call. "Well, does Ashley ask for leave today?"

Jamie hadn't slept well these days and he was sleeping soundly in the hotel. Awakened by the mobile phone call of Jasper, he was a little dull. "Yes, Mr. Jasper. Dylan said he wanted to buy some autumn clothes, so he took Ashley to ask for a day off and went shopping with her. But don't worry. Mr. Jasper. They were carefully disguised with make-up."

Hanging up the phone, Jasper stood in the hallway and thought there was something strange. He recalled the words and actions of Ashley and Dylan and furrowed his brows. He found Sara's name in the contact and dialed it.

At this moment, Sara was sitting in the coffee house, dazed. Everything around seemed to be isolated, such as the sunlight in early autumn, the whispers of the waiters in the counter far away, the rattles of other guests, the heat of hot coffee... She was just in a trance, unable to hear or see anything. Her mind seemed to have been drawn back, and her eyes were blank.

"Ma'am?" The waiter next to her shouted for a long time, which made the waiter thought she was deaf. Sara finally came to her sense and looked at the waiter next to him.

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