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   Chapter 93 Misplaced Affectionate Love

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10396

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As soon as Ashley got off the car and walked into the film site, her cell phone rang. She took it out and found it was from Sheila. Sheila had been calling her for a whole day since yesterday morning. Thanks to the portable battery, otherwise her phone would have been turned off.

It was a sunny day and the wind was blowing. Ashley found an empty bench and sat down. She picked it up and asked, "what's up?"

"Ashley, How dare you ask me what happened? You seduced your brother-in-law and flirted with him. How shameless you are!"

Ashley frowned. How could Sheila know about such trifles? There must be someone secretly keeping an eye on her on the film site. Thinking of this, she couldn't help looking around. The staff were setting up the film scene. Actors and actresses were having breakfast, and some were reciting the scripts at the back. Everyone was normal. Then who was it?

In order to prevent Sheila also from recording as she did, Ashley spoke with great caution, "sister, you really care too much about Francis, right? After all, it was you who took him away by scheming. You don't have the security of marriage, so you are just daydreaming, do you?"

"Shut up. I know all. I'll tell you for the last time. Keep yourself away from Francis. Otherwise, I'll defame you!"

It was not the first time for Ashley to hear such kind of threat. And Gloria did the same to her before. Did they have something that would do harm to her? Ashley bit her lips. In the past she was careless and didn't pay much attention to them, so it was possible that they had something in their hands.

It was better not to provoke them for the time being. Thinking of this, Ashley changed her tone to a gentle one. "Don't worry, I will stay away from him."

"You're courteous to say that. Are you afraid that I'll record our conversation?" Sheila laughed.

"Yes." She looked at the dimmed sunlight in the sky.

It was true that Sheila was recording. She didn't expect that Ashley was so careful. Her talk was flawless, so it was useless for her to continue to talk on the phone. "Ashley, be careful. I will watch you."

Then she hung up.

After her daughter hung up the phone, Gloria, who was sitting beside Sheila, quickly asked, "what happened? Did you record anything useful?"

Sheila shook his head and slammed the phone down. "I didn't expect that Ashley is so cunning now. Mom, what should I do? I don't dare to go to work or meet anyone now. "

Since the night before yesterday, the public attitude of the people who scolded Ashley had changed drastically. A lot of people began to abuse Sheila. Some reporters came to her house to interview her, and Sheila was even photographed by a lot of crazy reporters. Now the curtain of the house was pulled down, fearing that the reporters would get something.

She didn't dare to go to work. Once she thought of the strange eyes of her colleagues, Sheila couldn't stand it, so she simply asked for a leave and didn't go to work. But it was not a good idea for her to keep hiding. She had to turn the situation around as soon as possible.

Gloria d

on't know what that woman will do next.'

"Ask her."

He was puzzled. "You can tell me, but why do I have to ask her?"

"I don't want to talk about it." She refused again.

This was like a thorn in their hearts. Francis gave up and said, "okay. Sheila kept calling me and said that she wanted to see me. She might come to the film set later, so you'd avoid her. "

"Yes." She nodded.

Looking at the woman's attitude in front of him, Francis had a kind of uneasy feeling from the bottom of his heart. He couldn't tell what she was thinking right now.


"What?" She raised her head slightly to look at him.

No words could be spoken out for the rest of their lives. All the emotions, grudges, mixed feelings of love and hatred, she could only say, "I love you."

Her heart ached, and the affection in his eyes turned into a net, tightly capturing her. Ashley found she was way out of line. How could she believe what Dylan said? How could she provoke Francis? And how could she promise Jasper? Even though he had hurt her deeply before, she shouldn't have seduced him, let alone break up with him.

"Thank you." She lowered her head because she knew she couldn't reply.

Francis said nothing. There were too many people on the scene. He patted on Ashley's shoulder, got up and went somewhere else.

After the man had left, Ashley slowly raised her head. Under the temporary built shed, Francis, Dylan, the director and scriptwriter gathered together, discussing the shooting.

Noticing that she was looking at him, the man turned around and smiled at her.

Ashley was stunned for a while, and then she smiled back at him. Francis smile became brighter. He always talked with others in high spirits.

After that, Ashley drew back her eyes, and suddenly, she felt something strange around her. She turned her head toward that direction, noticing that Daisy was holding a phone, seemingly taking photos!

When Daisy noticed that Ashley was looking at her, she was startled and pretended to take a selfie.

Ashley frowned. It was her.

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