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   Chapter 92 A fever (Part Two)

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Because of the audio clip that had clarified the rumor this morning, no one had gone too far. Ashley was more curious about what was going on. Night shift in the hospital was always either too busy or too idle, and they sat idle that time.

Ashley was aching all over after the fever, so she had no strength to care about them. She just closed her eyes and let the doctor do whatever he wanted.

The ward was surrounded by many people. Someone took a group photo with Zoe and Morris, and someone talked with Jamie. More took out their phones to take photos.

Jamie wanted to stop them as Ashley was not in a good image now. However, there were so many people here and he could not stop them. Thinking for a while, he started to take the opportunity to promote Ashley, as well as his two friends, Morris and Zoe.

"We were shooting for a music video today, but Ashley had a fever all day. She insisted on finishing because she wanted to go back to the crew to continue filming tomorrow."

"The song was named 'regret'. It's the first single song of Morris. We plan to launch it when the maple leaf turns red."

"It's the handsome guy in a print dress, standing next to him called Zoe. He was Morris' rival in love in the video."

At night many people were still awake. While they were browsing the news on blog, they saw the news about Ashley. It was posted by the doctors and nurses of some local hospital.

"I was on duty today. I ran into Ashley and she was put on a drip in the hospital. She is so beautiful that she is even more stunning than the photo."

"Ashley is a super dedicated actress. She kept filming all day long. It made my heart ache."

As soon as he got off work, Jasper returned home and continued to deal with her documents in the study. It was already past eleven o'clock in the evening that he did not hear any sign of Ashley coming back. He unlocked his phone and looked for Ashley's name in his contact list. A round little portrait was seen on the left of her name. He clicked the image. In the mountain under the morning sun, she closed her eyes and prayed for her when she was facing a statue.

He skimmed the screen with his thumb and found the phone number of Griffith.

When Griffith saw it was a call from Jasper, he was surprised and answered it at once. "Mr. Jasper, you haven't slept yet!" he asked worriedly.

"How was the MV going?"

As soon as Griffith heard that, he understood what was the boss's concern at once. He said, "we finished the shooting at 10:00 in the evening, and Ashley got a fever today. After that, Morris and Zoe sent her to the hospital."

have a fever?

Frowning, Jasper hung up the phone and sat still in his seat for a long time. Morris and Zoe were prudent. Since they had sent her to the hospital, they should be there with her.

Jasper took the cigarette case from his desk and put it between his lips. Just when he was about to light it, he remembered the woman he had taught her to smoke last night.

He felt a little agitated and threw the cigarette into the trash can. Then he stood up and opened the window of the study. The night wind blew him strands of hair tha

"Go to sleep first. I'll take care of the infusion. I'll leave after it finishes."

Since she reconciled with Jasper, the pressure that was hanging over her heart had been all gone. Ashley had been worn out and dizzy a long time ago, so she didn't have to be so courteous with Jasper any longer and then closed her eyes and fell asleep at ease.

When Jamie came to the hospital the next morning, he saw two bodyguards standing at the door of the ward. He thought in his heart, 'Mr. Jasper was so considerate to his artists.' He opened the door gently and saw that Ashley was still sleeping soundly. A chair was placed beside the bed, on which lay a grey ceramic lighter.

"Ashley, wake up. It's time to go to the filming site." He patted lightly on Ashley's shoulder.

Ashley woke up and opened her eyes. Seeing that the ward was bright enough, she reached out her hand to feel her forehead. The fever was faded.

"What time is it?"

"It's almost 6 o'clock. Let's pack up and go to the film site."

Sitting up from the bed, Ashley looked out of the window at the green grass. It had been several days that she hadn't had such a good sleep for several days. She felt like she was reborn.

"Ashley, I don't know who left this lighter on the table. Do you think it belongs to Mr. Jasper?" Jamie picked up the lighter from the chair.

She took it and had a look. It was the one she used last night. "It's his. I'll give it back to him next time we meet."

After Jamie woke Ashley up, he went to conduct the discharge procedures. Ashley washed herself in the bathroom of the ward and went out with her bag. When the two bodyguards at the door saw her coming out, they hurriedly greeted, "good morning, Miss Ashley."

"Good morning. You are laborious."

"Miss Ashley, you are welcome. Mr. Jasper asked us to drive you to the film site and the car is just outside."

Jasper was really considerate. As the saying goes, nothing matters at all as long as he was there. Ashley clenched the lighter in her pocket, which is smooth in texture. She could even imagine the way he held the lighter.

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