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   Chapter 89 Smoking

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For the next part of the night scene, Francis was in a good mood. He had planned to leave earlier, but he had just reconciled with Ashley and was reluctant to leave. So he had been watching her shooting on the set.

However, Ashley's attention was distracted, which made the situation worse than that in the morning. Chase had just had crawfish and felt embarrassed to scold her. After calling out several times, he had no choice but to say, "Ashley, you can go back first. We will continue to shoot the scene after you come back. You have to adjust the state of mind first."

"Thank you, director." Ashley forced a smile.

Jamie walked up and helped the tottering Ashley to change her clothes. She came out after she changed her clothes. Francis and Morris were waiting for her.

Ashley took her bag and cell phone from Jamie and said, "go home first, Jamie. You have a day off tomorrow and you don't need to go to work."

"What about your MV tomorrow?"

"It doesn't matter. I can handle it by myself. You have been busy for so long. Why don't you take a break with payment?"

"All right." "Okay. Please contact me tomorrow. I'll be on call." Jamie answered.


After sending Jamie away, Ashley said to Morris, "go back and have a rest, Morris. Mr. Francis, please take me to the company."

Taking a look at Francis, Morris nodded his head without hesitation and said, "Okay, I'm leaving now."

When Morris left, only the two of them remained. Francis walked up to her, took her hand and asked, "Why are you going to the company so late?"

"Morris says that Jasper has arranged someone to pick me up from the company to my residence."

"It's so troublesome. Let me send you back directly."

Ashley shook her head and said, "let's listen to Mr. Jasper's arrangement."

Since she insisted, Francis didn't retort. He opened the door for Ashley and put his hand on her head for fearing she would hit her head. After she got in the car, he entered the driver's seat from the other direction and drove away from the film set.

Francis was holding her left hand tightly all the way. They had been through a lot of ups and downs. Since they had known each other for nearly eight years, they had broken up, got married and divorced, and finally were in love again. The man held her hand tightly as if he was afraid that she would leave again. But he was afraid that he would hurt her, so he dared not use too much strength. With the strength of the man's palm, she could clearly feel his treasure for her.

It was destiny.

That was the only sentence she could think of in her heart. If she had known it sooner, she would have burst into tears of joy. But it was too late, too late.

In front of the company, a black Cayenne was parked quietly. It was Jasper's car, but it was not conspicuous and low-key.

Ashley got out of Francis's car. Francis looked around and then saw Jasper's car. With a cigarette between his fingers, she called out, "Mr. Jasper."

"Mr. Jasper, why did you come here in person to pick up Ashley?" They shook hands.

"I have some work to talk about."

"Please help Ashley, Mr. Jasper." Without any hesitation,

he had done to annoy him. She said cautiously, "then I'll send the recording to your phone?"

"Yes." Standing outside the car, Jasper flicked a cigarette and asked, "what happened between you and Francis?"

Ashley's heart jolted.

When she was in the first round of training, Jasper had asked her the relationship between her and Francis. She answered that she had already broken up with Francis. However, the contents of the recording were completely different. Obviously, what Jasper asked was the sign of anger.

She thought about it and said, "it's just like what we said in the recording."

Irritably, Jasper took a drag on his cigarette. "You have forgotten everything I told you, haven't you?"

Her relationship with him first was boss, then agent, and finally friends. Although they could get along like friends, she was more afraid of him when they had a dispute.

When Jasper finished his last word, Ashley's face turned pale immediately. "No, I remember everything."

"Really?" "So what's the relationship between you and Francis now? Look at you two. Are you together again?" Jasper sneered.

Ashley's face was paler, not only because of fear, but also because of humiliation. She was angry with the man beside her and she had natural fear about him, the man also forced to interfere with her private affairs. She bit her lips and said, "yes."

"You are really doing well, Ashley." The man finally finished smoking. He opened the door, threw the cigarette into the trash can, sat down and slammed the door.

The heavy slam of the door was like a knife stabbing into her heart, and she felt a sudden pain in her heart. In her hand was the cigarette he gave her, which was burning alone, as if mocking her shyness and blush.

Fatigue, mixed with all sorts of emotions, crowed her mind to the chest, and she took a deep drag on the cigarette. The smell of nicotine oil was exhaled slowly from her lungs to her lips, and a beautiful smoke ring filled the car. As Jasper said, she learned it quickly.

Ashley raised her eyes and looked at the man. "You've flattered me, Mr. Jasper."

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