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   Chapter 87 Reunion

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10558

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Dylan was confused why he was so furious himself. Born from a wealthy family, he was raised up in a well-bred family. His parents always taught him to be graceful and elegant. No matter what happens, he always gets what he wants. But he seldom gets angry, so there is less time for him to get mad and upset.

He put a mouthful of food into his mouth and chewed it with all his strength. It seemed as if he wanted to tear up someone and eat his flesh and drink his blood. After the meal, the anger and sadness vanished slowly.

At this time, Francis had already appeared on the filming site. After greeting the director, he walked over. Dylan gave a glance sideways at Ashley who was smiling at Francis. He stood up with the plate and said with a smile, "I will take a rest in the car. You two talk."

"I brought some fruits and desserts for you. Dylan, please go and have some,"

"No hurry. Now that I'm too sleepy, I'll have a rest."

Francis sat on Dylan's seat, while the members of the casting group were having meals and taking a rest., no one paid attention to them, "I heard that the hotel was blocked by entertainment journalists this morning. Are you okay?" he asked.

The thought of what had happened in the morning still made Ashley shudder with fear. If it weren't for Jamie who had helped her dodge, she couldn't imagine what would have happened. She knew that the best way to deal with the situation was to ignore them. It would be worse if she didn't know how to answer the journalists' questions when she faced them. Holding the chopsticks, Ashley said, "... I'm okay. My assistant has hid me to get on the car and, so reporters didn't notice me."

"That's good." Looking at her haggard face, Francis felt sorry for her, but he couldn't show his care too obviously. "I didn't expect that Sheila would be interviewed. After the post was released, I had talked to her, and she said she wouldn't interfere. But after nearly a month, when the rumors eased down, she came out to mention these again."

How could you still believe what Sheila said?

"What she said is true." Ashley had her meal in a low spirit.

Seeing her like this, Francis couldn't help but grab her hand and said, "Ashley, let's be back together!"

Ashley was shocked and pulled out her hand abruptly.

He was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to the scene.

She had thought about it before. Francis was his first love. Although they had been very unhappy before, there were always reasons. And now Francis treated her very well.

Seeing her shaking her hand off, Francis felt dejected inside. He forced a smile and said, "it's my own wishful thinking. You're talented and beautiful, and there must be a lot of men courting you. You have so many choices, why do you choose me?"

Seeing the disappointment on his face, Ashley didn't have the heart to continue, "... You have been engaged to Sheila, so if you are together with me again, you will let her down."

"You are right." A wry smile tugged at the corner of Francis mouth. On the one hand, he didn't want to give up the person he really wanted to marry, on the other hand, the perso

ple in the film. I'm not stingy with both your roles and money. If you want a relationship, we have to separate."

Instantly, Daisy's red face turned pale, "... Yes, I understand. "

With that, Dylan turned around. He didn't speak more, then walked into the building. Seeing the man leaving, Daisy turned to look at the direction of Ashley in the window. She was smiling and talking with her assistant with her chin on one hand. The glass window was like a natural screen. The woman in it was smiling sweetly and her side face was so beautiful that any woman could not help to be envious of her beauty.

She really had a good state. The scandal on the Internet was spreading, and the whole crew was secretly talking about her scandals. There were so many entertainment reporters outside the film site, but she was even able to laugh out.

Soon, Dylan appeared in the same window as Ashley.

Looking at the man and woman through the window, Daisy felt that the fire of jealousy was burning in her chest like wildfire. Why was the world so unfair? Some people were born with money and good looks, while she could only rely on her physical strength to get the chance which was easily possessed by others. She was not reconciled.

Daisy unlocked her phone and dialed the number of Sheila.

She and Sheila met in the university community, and Sheila was one year older than her. As her senior schoolmate, she guided her for a year. Daisy used to keep other people's telephone numbers. No matter they hadn't contacted each other for several years, she wouldn't delete their numbers.

She had thought the call might be used to ask Sheila to introduce a role to her, but she didn't expect that it was used to discord other's relation.

After dubbing, Sheila was resting on the sofa outside the recording room. Seeing that it was Daisy who was calling her, she quickly rushed into the bathroom and closed the door. "Hello, Daisy, what's up?"

"Sheila, Mr. Francis has talked with Ashley for a long time alone. I don't know what they are talking about. But I saw Mr. Francis holding Ashley's hand."

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