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   Chapter 86 Jasper's Visit To Ashley On The Filming Site

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10430

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The photographers around them also looked anxious.

She turned pale and apologized, "I'm sorry."

She returned to her original position, took a deep breath, and forced herself to get rid of the messy thoughts in her mind and to concentrate on filming. However, her emotions could not be controlled easily. After she shot two more, she still couldn't make it.

Chase was also very worried and his forehead was sweaty, but it was useless to worry, so he said, "Ashley, you can have a rest first. We will shot your part in the afternoon. Change the scenes for the next shooting."

Jamie waved his fan for her. After she drank the water, she took off her hospital gown, which was wet with sweat.

When Jasper arrived at the set, he was shocked by what he had seen. She looked a little haggard. Even though she was wearing makeup, it was still hard to hide her tiredness.

When Ashley was wiping sweat from her forehead, she felt that there was something strange in the surrounding. She looked at the door of the nursing house intuitively and found that it was Jasper. He wore a shirt and a suit pants, which made him look so fresh. The filming site was so hot that it seemed like a totally different world.

She waved her hand to say hello, and he nodded.

Jasper went to Chase first, who was staring at the monitor, not knowing that someone had come around. After watching it, Jasper opened his mouth, "director Chase."

Chase turned around and stood up quickly, "Mr. Jasper, I'm so sorry that I didn't notice you've come. How long have you been here? Please come in and have a seat. It's so hot outside."

"It doesn't matter. I come here to visit my artist and they have fruits and snacks in the car. You can ask someone to move them out."

"Okay." Pointing at the direction where Ashley was, Chase said, "Ashley was over there. She's been in a bad mood all the time. She usually concentrates in her role very quickly, but today she got cuts all the way."

"Thank you for your concern."

"Don't mention it. It's very kind of you, Mr. Jasper."

As soon as he finished his sentence, he walked towards Ashley, who was standing under a tree. Ashley was also walking in his direction. "Mr. Jasper."

"OK. Jamie, please go and have some fruits and snacks in the car. I will have a chat with Ashley."

"Yes, Mr. Jasper."

Jamie handed the fan to Ashley and went to his car at the gate of the nursing house. Jasper came back to the shade of the tree, he sat on the small wooden bench.

"The temperature should be lowered after a while." As she was saying, Jasper took the fan from Ashley and swung it for her with his right hand.

"Yes, it is said to rain the day after tomorrow. Autumn rain brings chill. It will not be so hot soon." The folding fan gave her a cool breeze. Since Jasper had been taking care of her, Ashley didn't think it was inappropriate.

Jamie was watching them from a distance and felt a little scared. Not to mention her, the crew members who moved food with her were also surprised. "Is Mr. Jasper fanning for Ashley? Isn't he?

Another staff answered, "Yes, you are right

now, he will certainly come to console you."

"So what?"

"So you have to seize the opportunity to expand your love by crying and talking enthusiastically."

"Don't you want to play hard to get with her?"

"It take such long time. It's time to conquer him."

"You must be bored with filming and want to see other movies," Ashley said, taking a glance at him. She saw through Dylan's thought.

"Haha, Ashley, you know me very well," Dylan didn't feel embarrassed at all. "But I'm for your own good. If you don't move in the relationship between you and Francis, how can you break up him and Sheila? How can you revenge her for her interference with your marriage?"

"What bad luck for Francis to have a friend like you!"

"Ashley, you're flattering me. You know what? Francis and I are just business partners. We are not quite friend. You and me are friend.

Ashley rolled her eyes at him, lowered her head to eat and ignored him.

Dylan didn't give up, "I have also been keeping an eye on Sheila and Ethan. Don't you think you should give me a reward?"

Speaking of this, Ashley couldn't hold her breath. "I didn't say that I wouldn't pay you back, but I just feel..." She hesitated for a while and said with a frown, "I just feel sorry for Francis. He was used as a revenge tool. How about we use some other tactics to trifle with his affections... This was a little too cruel."

Dylan didn't care it, "think about the way you've been treated. Isn't cruel to you? Isn't he cruel to cheat you and had affair with your step-sister? Don't you feel any pain when you knew the truth?"

"But he's been nice to me..."

"So you hesitated." Dylan interrupted her. "If you still have feelings for Francis, you can make it come true. Then you are less cruel."

Noticing the strange tone of his voice, Ashley was puzzled and asked, "Why are you angry?"

"I'm not angry!" Dylan stressed each word. Then he ignored her and continued eating.

Pursing her lips, Ashley looked at the man beside her with contempt. Obviously, he was angry and refused to admit it.

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