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   Chapter 84 Arrogant Dylan (Part Two)

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The next day, the third day, in the following week, Dylan completely ignored her, and always left before she changed her clothes, leaving her no chance to talk to him.

It was very hot that made people go crazy. For that day's outer-field shooting, the frequency of cut was more and more frequently. When Ashley and Carla acted on the grass, they finally passed the shooting after several tries. Jamie hurriedly came to Ashley to fan her.

Francis came to visit with fruits and desserts. Chase wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "have a rest and eat something."

All the crew members rushed to the empty room with air conditioning. As soon as Ashley entered the room, she suddenly felt that her mind was cleared a lot. Francis waved to her. "Ashley, come here."

As a matter of fact, there was also a table of food on the other side. Dylan was sitting there drinking watermelon juice. The director, Chase, also sat there and drank a few mouthfuls of juice.

"How tender you are! Mr. Francis!" people around him teased Francis.

"Ashley is treated as a leading actress."

Seeing that Ashley was in a dilemma, Francis came over to her with a smile and said, "don't be jealous. You have the same food as ours."

"We aren't jealous, we admire." The staff of the crew were familiar with each other. They all laughed happily.

Without answering her question, Francis shook his head and pressed Ashley onto the seat. "How are you? Are you used to working in the crew?"

"Not bad. Everyone takes good care of me." It was true. Because of Francis, all members of the crew were very polite to Ashley.

"That's good."

However, Ashley had no appetite at all. She handed a cup of watermelon juice to Jamie, and then took a toothpick with a piece of watermelon. After that, she stopped eating. On the other side, Dylan seemed to have a good appetite. He had a bottle of juice, a

noodles, a bowl of sour and spicy powder and two bowls of stinky tofu.

The tables and chairs were a little greasy, and Ashley took a few tissues to wipe them a few times. "I didn't expect you to eat at roadside stands."

"I usually go out for filming, so I have meals in various types of restaurants. Dylan said in an awkward tone.

"Yeah, I agree with you. You are a man of wide experience."

Dylan snorted and didn't want to talk to her anymore.

It was hot in the daytime, but when the night fell, the wind blew through the alley, bringing the fragrance of delicious food and blowing away the hot air.

She looked at the couple in the shop. One was mixing wheat flour and cooking noodles, the other was frying bean curd. While they were waiting, they put various kinds of ingredients into the bowl. Although they didn't talk to each other, they had a tacit understanding. So it was not surprising that they prepared three things at the same time.

After looking at it for a while, Ashley turned her head and said, "Dylan, you're so bad tempered. I made it up on the day when I quarreled with Jasper. You have been doing this for a whole week."

Hearing that, Dylan was a little angry again. "Look at what you have done. I'm angry, so what? !"

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