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   Chapter 82 Apologize (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-05 08:52

"Let me bring it up for you. You look vulnerable. Don't get burned."

Abbott walked in front of her and her room was on the third floor. When passing the second floor, she could not help looking in the direction of the study. It was not easy for her to make up her mind to show kindness, but she didn't expect such an unexpected thing to happen.

In fact, the whole pot of kebab, fish balls, chicken balls, beef pills and shrimps were all made by Abbott, which used only premium quality ingredient with excellent taste. There was green vegetable in the casserole with sweet smell. Not to mention the smell, just the color and aroma were very attractive.

This pot of night snack was not sent to the right person. Ashley didn't eat much because she was full after having 7 to 8 meatballs. There were more than ten left in the pot. Touching her tummy with a hand, Ashley gazed at the darkness outside the window. She thought that maybe she should let it go. She was going to the casting group tomorrow and stayed at the casting group for three months. She would come back after three months. No matter how angry he was, it was time for him to cool down when she came back.

After finishing the meal, Ashley took the pot downstairs.

At this time, there was no one downstairs, and the villa was quiet. Ashley took the snack to the kitchen. When passing the dining room, she found that in the dark, there was an orange light in it.

It was Jasper!

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest, and she seemed to have been cast a spell. For a moment, her limbs were numb and she did not know how to move. After about half a minute, the huge adrenaline pumping began to disappear.

Ashley calmed herself down with the pot of night snacks in her hands. She walked to the end of the dining table by the dim li

lm location tomorrow morning."


"Don't be late for work. Jamie will remind you of the specific dos and don'ts. She has been an assistant to the famous artists for five years in Shengshi Group. She is a good and reliable person. You should listen to her advice more." The meatball was a little hot, and the man held it with chopsticks, blew and took a bite carefully and chewed it quietly. He behaved himself and the way he ate was more elegant than girls.

"Mr. Jasper..." Looking at the man in front of her, Ashley finally decided to tell him what she wanted to tell him the whole night. "I'm sorry for what happened this noon. I got a little emotional."

The man didn't raise his head. He still gently blew the food on the chopsticks, attentively and meticulously. "It's all right. It's inevitable that there will be conflicts between the broker and stars. After getting along with each other for some time, you will know the way to deal with each other, and thus the conflicts will be alleviated. You don't have to mind it."

The ball was finally blown cold by him. The man put it in his mouth, and bit it nervously with his bulging cheek. He sat up straight and looked at her coldly.

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