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   Chapter 78 Boot Ceremony (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 6071

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Jasper handed her a bottle of water from the back seat and said, "were you scared?"

"Yes." Ashley's face was still a little pale. "I didn't expect that the fans of Dylan were so strong. Did you give them your phone number just now?"

"No, it's a phone call from an intern." "I have arranged an intern for you, and she is your assistant. She can help you with something that you can't handle when you are in trouble."

"Okay." Ashley nodded her head and said, "I saw you talking about the cooperation with Dylan just now. Is it about me?"

"Well, Dylan has expressed his intention to pursue you in both Weibo and just conference. You can take this opportunity to raise your reputation. Although Dylan is already an A-lister, it's necessary to continue this topic. This cooperation is a mutually beneficial thing. "

Ashley's smile froze on her face. "How come I didn't know that? You've already reached an agreement on it?"

"The last time Dylan posted the 'dream lover' on Weibo, it was actually a sign. Just now in the press conference, he had clearly expressed his will. Since he has offered me the help, I'll take it. "

"But I don't know. I didn't understand what he meant!" Ashley was a little angry. What was her? A puppet? "Why didn't you tell me before you made your decision? Isn't it up to the actor's will to hype up?"

Hearing that, Ashley burst into a fury all of a sudden, which made Jasper a little surprised. After parking the car in the shade of a tree by the roadside, Jasper adjusted his mood and apologized, "I'm sorry. I made this decision temporarily, so I have no time to talk with you."

As a CEO, he swallowed his pride and apologized to her, which made her feel a little guilty. But she was really hurt by it. The post had not been passed yet, and there were still insults on

her nose, she was middle in height, neither fat nor thin. In general, Jamie Han was a very refined girl.

"Just now, Mr. Jasper called me to his office and said that I didn't need to live with you. I would only follow you when you participated in the announcement or filming. For the rest of the work, I will call you. This is my contact number."

Ashley took the business card and called her, "well, now that Mr. Jasper have said so, let's listen to Mr. Jasper's arrangement. This is my call."

They recorded their contact information. Jamie Han sat next to Ashley and said, "Linda has been bailed out by her agent, Dave. They should come to the meeting later."

"Does she come out so soon?"

"Yes, Dave does have connections. But you don't need to worry too much. Mr. Jasper will take care of it properly and won't let you suffer any loss."

When it came to Jasper, Ashley's heart couldn't help but feel heavy. After they quarreled with each other at noon, they didn't talk much with each other. When they arrived at the company, they went their own ways without any communication. When Ashley thought that she would see him when she went back home in the evening, she wanted to escape from him.

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