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   Chapter 76 The Initiator Of The Post (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5769

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"Ashley! You bitch! You set me up!" Linda was so embarrassed that she stood up angrily and was about to fight with Ashley.

The other two boys couldn't bear to see this. Morris blocked in front of Ashley and then Zoe reached out his hands to hold Linda's arm. "Calm down, Linda. Ashley didn't say anything and she didn't touch you. Cool down."

"Don't pretend to be nice, Zoe!" Linda shook off Zoe's hand, "I know you're on Ashley's side. But it's useless for you to speak for her. A vain woman like her doesn't even want to take a fancy to you. She has a car fleet to pick her up. What do you have?"

Zoe was buffed. But luckily, he had a good temper, so he didn't take it seriously. "Linda. You are always unfriendly to anyone. I just treat Ashley as my friend. Don't overthink it."

Seeing that it was about to come to an end, Alice came up to persuade Linda, "let's go change the clothes, or we will be late for the training."

Ashley glanced at Alice, without any expression on her face. Alice looked at her, too. Neither of them spoke. Alice followed Linda into the changing room.

"Are you all right?" When Morris saw that the two girls had left, he turned around and asked about the person behind him.

"She is good at fighting. How could she be in danger?"

Ashley looked towards the direction where the voice came from and found that the police officer Moo Moo who she met before was a policeman who was followed by two young men. They had stared at the door for a long time.

"Miss Ashley. We haven't seen for a long time. How are you doing?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern, Basil. What are you here for?"

"Oh, we've found the guy who posted on microblog to slander you. I'll take her

also present. She played the role of Eda who was a supporting actress. In the play, Eda was Lydia's competitor in work. Daisy failed to get the role of Penny, and finally she was chosen to act another psychiatric patient. Enemies were usually envious when they met. When they were serving the incense, Ashley deliberately avoided Daisy. Ashley lit incense with Carla.

"Last time I said we would meet again at the filming site. Sure enough, we meet!" And Carla was as cool as before.

"Yes." They then incensed together.

As the producer, Francis also attended the opening ceremony. After all the major producers finished worship, he stood in front of the camera covered with red cloth with a microphone, "Hello, everyone. Today we will hold a kickoff ceremony of the Nature of Nanshan. On behalf of the crew, Guantang Group and Hanfu Films, I'd like to extend my warm welcome to all the media friends and leaders here."

The speech lasted for about five minutes. Before Francis finished, many reporters had already asked, "Mr. Francis, I heard that you and Ashley who acts the role of Penny are still friends after the divorce, aren't you?"

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