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   Chapter 75 The Initiator Of The Post (Part One)

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"Don't worry. Take things as they come." I think Ethan is good. You have been in love before, but he is still single till now. He must still love you in his heart. "

Ashley thought that Gloria was right.

At first, Sheila was against it very much, but in the end, she really could not stand the nagging of Gloria. She raised the glass and chatted with Ethan. "Hi, Ethan. Here you come!"

Ethan was flattered. "Sheila, you are finally willing to talk to me."

"Sounds like I'm a heartless person."

"No, no, No. Sheila, you look very beautiful today."

Sheila raised his eyebrows and asked, "Wasn't I beautiful before?"

"You always look beautiful."

Dylan was addicted in acting. He squeezed his throat and imitated two difference voices which made Ashley feel as if she were on the spot. And looking at Dylan's serious performance, she laughed so hard that her stomach ached.

"Dylan. If you plan to quit as an actor, you will also be promising in dubbing."

Dylan rolled his eyes and said in a normal voice, "men always look a little clumsy in courting the woman they like. I guess Ethan looked so stupid that he amused Sheila. As a result, they talked with each other for a long time and drank a few more glasses of wine. At the same time, Gloria took the opportunity to invite Ethan to her house. In this way, Sheila and Ethan were in touch again.

The smile on Ashley's face hadn't faded away yet. "It's good that they keep in touch with each other. With Ethan's insistence, and Sheila took the step forward, Ethan would take care of the rest by himself. We just need to keep an eye on them and add fuel to the fire at the right time. "

The mobile phone in her bag rang at this time. Ashley took out the mobile phone and found it was from Jasper. She looked at the time and found that it was already nine o'clock in the evening. She wondered whether Jasper called to punish her when he saw that she was not at home.

Ashley swa

's have lunch together." Zoe winked at her.

"Okay." Ashley nodded with a smile. It seemed that the two boys hadn't been influenced by the post. They treated her as before.

"Oh, my God! Isn't this our great celebrity, Ashley?" Linda walked over, followed by the silent Alice, "why do you come here to train today? We idle people don't have work. How come you don't have work to do also?"

Ashley ignored her and continued to warm up by running on the treadmill.

Linda felt more embarrassed when she was ignored. She wanted to get back her sense, so she rested her hands on the fitness equipment and said, "How shameful! If I were you, I would have been hidden myself at home and never go out."


Seeing that Ashley still didn't say anything, Linda became more furious. "Ashley, are you deaf? I'm talking to you!"

"Ashley!" Linda was so angry that she rushed up and tried to drag Ashley down from the treadmill.

With such a well-developed reflexive nerves, how can Linda succeed in dragging Ashley? The moment Linda moved, Ashley stood on the tip of her toes and jumped a few steps to the other side the treadmill. Linda failed. Unable to continue her inertia, she bent over on the treadmill. The treadmill was still working, and she was lifted completely to the floor in a mess.

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