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   Chapter 70 The Temple In The Mountain (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10177

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"Damn it!" For the first time, Jasper cursed.

Three flashes of lightning fell from the sky at the same time, making a thunderous sound as if the sky was about to collapse.

With the light of the lightning, Ashley noticed the embarrassed look on Jasper face, and suddenly burst into laughter. As Jasper was annoyed, he heard the laughter from her and couldn't help but feel angry. "What are you laughing about? Hurry up. If you can't find a place to shelter from the rain, you will be killed by the lightning!"

They stood up with the help of a tree trunk. Ashley kept laughing as if she had been addicted to it so he could not stop it for a while. "I just feel you are funny... Haha Really funny..."

Jasper held her speechlessly, "Are you injured? Can you continue to walk?"

"No... I'm not injured... Haha However I felt a little pain in my butt Haha I can walk."

"Let's go then." The two walked more carefully this time. However, they were still trapped in the thunderstorm and there was a thunder in about five seconds and ten seconds.

Just as they were going to enter another steep slope hand in hand, Jasper had that strange feeling again. He looked up at the sky subconsciously, and then fell on Ashley who was laughing loudly. They rolled down the mountain hand in hand! At the place they sheltered a thunder struck down with a "boom". The tree which was cut down instantly was on fire, and the fire was extinguished by the pouring rain.

The bumpy road made Ashley feel pain all over her body. When she saw the amazing scene when the thunder stroke the tree, her smile stopped abruptly within few seconds at the moment she hugged Jasper rolling down the mountain. It was more useful than any panacea.

Jasper didn't care about the others. He didn't know where they were when they stopped rolling. He looked around with the help of the lightning from time to time and finally saw the surrounding situation.

"Ashley, there seems to be a temple over there. Let's go and have a look."

Hearing this, Ashley also grabbed the root of the tree and stood up, "really? Look at it."

When they approached, they finally saw the temple, which was dug out by hand in the mountain. They walked into the temple, holding each other. Another lightning flashed across, lighting up the statue's face, which was as ferocious as a ghost. Scared, Ashley hid herself in Jasper's arms. "What the hell!"

Jasper patted her back resignedly. "No, there's no ghost. It's God."

Ashley also knew the statue was a God. But in such a weather, even the statue looked very frightening. The entire temple was filled with a creepy atmosphere.

With a pale face, she grasped the clothes at both sides of Jasper's waist, trying to distract his attention by saying, "what gods?"

"I don't know him."

The weather was so heavy outside that she didn't dare to look around in his arms, "we finally find a place to shelter."

"Yes." The man's voice came from the top of her head, and his hand patted her on the back from time to time, like pattin

red a lot."

"Well, I can't say that. I rarely have interest in anything." He said.

They were silent for a while.

"Are you feeling much better now?" He asked.

"Yes, much better."

"I'm glad to hear that. If you are in a good mood, we can start to work from the day after tomorrow."

"Do you think the artists you have brought along need you to enlighten them in this way?"

After flicking the ashes of the tobacco, Jasper said, "it's more or less like that. Artists are under great pressure at work. Their fame and popularity, slander and praise, all come and go very quickly. It was like riding a roller coaster, on and off. It was difficult to keep calm without certain experience. So it's necessary to guide them when it comes to those things. "

"We are fine, so are you." She said.

"Yes, that's the way it is," replied Jasper with a smile

Ashley was tired and sat down too. They sat side by side for a long time. From time to time, they added some firewood into the fire. Until their clothes were dried up, the rain in the mountain didn't stop. With the help of the fire, Jasper found the watch and put it on again. It was almost seven o'clock.

"It seems that we are really going to stay here for the night."

Although she had this feeling earlier, she still felt a little embarrassed. It's hard to describe the feelings. Sleeping with a man at night in a temple was quite strange, and besides the man was her boss.

There were still some bread and water left. After they finished eating, they got full. The two of them tidied up the messy ground, cushion their coat on the ground, and rolled up the backpack as a pillow. It could be considered a simple bed.

Jasper stood in front of the statue, looking around, trying to take off its clothes. Ashley was scared to death by him. She grabbed his arm and stopped him, "what are you doing?"

"Undress him."

"I know. I mean, why are you unbuttoning his clothes?"

"We can lay the clothes on the ground, or cover up. Either will be fine."

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