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   Chapter 69 Have Fun In The Countryside

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The water on the eaves of the house was dripping into a small puddle in front of the door, and it flowed quietly towards the door along with the other puddles in the yard.

After dinner and cleaning up, it was almost ten o'clock in the midnight. Although she got up very late in the morning, she was a little tired after going out for a long time. Wiping the water on her hands, she said, "it's very late. I'm going to have a rest."

"Give me your phone."

"Why do you want my cell phone?" Ashley asked as she handed the phone to him.

Jasper took over the phone, "I'll keep it for you temporarily. There are something you'd better not see."

This man was so overbearing that he made the decision for her without any consulting process. Although she knew it was for her good, he was actually too domineering.

"I'm afraid that if someone comes to me, it will be very inconvenient to put my phone in your place."

"I'll tell you if anyone wants to see you."


"Isn't your phone locked in the screen? I won't peep at your privacy."

"Then you..."

"I don't think it's troublesome."

Ashley finally got speechless.

Satisfied with her obedient look, Jasper smiled and said, "go to bed now. It's getting late."

"Well Mr. Jasper, good night. "

"Good night."

After returning to her room, Ashley had nothing to do. She always wanted to play with her phone, but she couldn't do that at the moment because her phone was kept by Jasper.

The windows of both sides were open. The moist and cool breeze coming from outside was more comfortable than air conditioner in the city. Ashley lay on the bed with a mosquito wrapped bed, with a faint smell of mosquito-repellent incense at the tip of her nose. Water dripped outside. After thinking about it for a while, she tossed and turned over several times and finally fell asleep in this atmosphere.

She was awakened by the singing of a rooster in the morning. When she opened her eyes, the sky was getting bright. She looked sideways and found that the mosquito repellent tray only left a circle of grey and white ashes.

After waking up in the bandage, she got up, folded up the quilt, changed clean clothes, and tied up her hair. Then she opened the door and went out.

The middle-aged man was washing vegetables in the courtyard. When he saw her open the door, he turned around and smiled, "Miss Ashley, you woke up."

"Good morning! Do you know what time is it now?"

"After six o'clock,"

It was just past six o'clock. "Have Jasper gotten up?" she asked.

"Yes. Bruce led Jasper and Nelson outside for a walk in the mountain. Ashley, would you like to go out and have a look? It's raining now and the air in the mountain is fresh. You might meet them on the road."

"No, I'm afraid of losing my way. Let me help you with cooking."

"No, thanks. How can I let guest to help me."

After freshening up, she was still driven out by the middle-aged man enthusiastically, saying that the scenery outside must be good. In fact, she was not afraid of getting lost. She was just afraid of being pointed at by strangers. Since there was no one with her, she was always reluctant to see strangers.

It was already midnight when they arrived. The surroundings were so dark th

arrow winding trail. Above her was a lush tree, like a primitive jungle. "The road here is so messy. Can you remember?"

"Yes, you are right. I come here many times a year."

"You have a good relationship with your grandfather."

They sat on a big stone, drank some water and began to have a rest. "My grandparents brought me up when I was a child, so I have a deep relationship with them, but I am not close to my parents."

After a short break, they continued to walk up. They arrive at the top of the peak at about twelve o'clock. There was a stone tablet standing at the top of the peak, on which there were sign of the altitude of the mountain. Looking down from the top of the mountain, it was magnificent to see the boundless thick clouds.

The wind was strong at the top of the mountain. They found a quiet place and had a quick lunch before going down the mountain.

In the middle of the forest, the wind grew stronger. As Jasper looked at the sky above the tree, a grim expression appeared on his face. He took off his watch and turned off his cellphone. "Let's hurry up. It's going to rain," said Jasper.

"Is it very dangerous?"

"Yes, it is. Let's hurry up." Without caring whether he was a gentle person or not, Jasper held Ashley's hand and ran down the hill with him. But it was difficult for them to go down the mountain. Even if they ran faster, the speed was still restricted because the mountainside and the barrier, as well as the rain yesterday, and the thicker and thicker dark clouds covered the light.

After running for a while, a flash of lightning flashed in the sky and the rumbling of the thunder was heard, Ashley's face was frightened and her face turned pale.

A drop of rain fell down, followed by more rain. The thick trees could not hold back the rain, and the two were soon soaked through.

Ashley wiped the rain from her face. "Is there any cave nearby?"

"No. I've taken you the other way. I remember there is an abandoned house on the way. We hid there."

Lost in thought, they walked over a steep slope, holding each other's hand. Ashley slipped and fell, and Jasper was dragged by her and fell onto the ground!

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