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   Chapter 59 The Final Test (Part One)

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Soon it came to the last day of the training, and it was the day for the final test. The test started at two o'clock in the afternoon. As soon as the test ended, the rankings were also published. The agent who hadn't selected any actress could chose artist according to their rankings.

After the training in the morning, Ashley and two boys had lunch. The last test didn't mean much to them. They were not nervous at all. After dinner, the three of them took a break in the small meeting room. After greeting the boy, the three girls also came in and sat down to rest.

"The restaurant is about 1000 meters away from our company. There is a hotpot restaurant. Let's go there," Zoe suggested.

After the test, they were assigned agents respectively. There was no need for a training any more. The three were discussing about the dinner after the test because Ashley would like to thank them for saving her live. Ashley would treat them a big meal.

"Hot pot? That's too casual." With a frown, Ashley suggested, "I think we'd better go Wilton on Zhengbin Rd. Besides, Morris was injured, it's not nutritious to eat hotpot.

"Well, Wilton is too expensive." Said Zoe, frowning.

"How about Cantonese cuisine? I know a private restaurant with a quiet environment and good flavor." Ashley gave him a thumbs up sign.

Zoe said with a frown, "I don't like Cantonese cuisine. It's too light and tasteless."

Ashley was about to complain Zoe, but she was interrupted by another girl in the opposite side.

"Why don't you feel nervous, Morris? It's no problem for Ashley and Zoe, but you are so relax. You really have a good mentality." The one who spoke was none other than Roya.

Ashley felt there was a weird tone with what she said, but she couldn't figure it out where the strangeness was.

Morris who kept silent all the time raised his head and said as usual, "aren't you nervous? You have already joined Cleo's team so you

ge was set up. Zoe tested the drum kit as well," Come on, Ashley!"

This kind of atmosphere was not like a test, like a concert. The people in the company had been seeing each other for three months. They could call a name just by looking at each other face to face; they also whistled to keep raising the atmosphere, which made the studio so noisy all of a sudden.

Morris walked around the piano to the edge of the stage, with one hand clasped behind his back and the other hand stretched out in front of Ashley, looking at her with a smile.

Smiling, Ashley put her hand on the boy's and followed him to the stage.

Sansa was watching the interaction of the stage under the stage. The audience had already been calm and collected. She turned her head to the man next to her, "Mr. Jasper always has a good taste."

Seeing his competent subordinates, Jasper also slowed down his tone. "No matter how good a the gem is, it needs to be polished. Zoe looks good."

When the prelude to the splendid classical piano sounded on the stage, the performers looked at the audience with a microphone in their hands, as if they were looking at a person, or everyone, Forget the cultivated flowers, let's restart and give up the dream. Don't look at the sealed wedding card cause you are moving away.

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