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   Chapter 56 Visitor At Midnight (Part one)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10658

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As a matter of fact, Mark was a jinx to have such a wife who was so unreasonable. He wasn't knocked down in the official field, but his wife in the backyard caught him in the fire.

"What are you going to do?" She asked.

"This is not the first time that Mark cleaned up the mess for his wife. I don't have to do anything, just to add fuel to the fire. Wait and see, Tracy is going to be dealt with by Mark."

Thinking of the day when Tracy was at the Fang's house, Tracy was forced to kneel down at the order of Mark. The couple should have helped each other, but they had gone through such a terrible experience. Thinking of that, Ashley could not help but tremble with fear. Ashley wished to have a complete family, but now she was a little afraid.

June continued, "what about Gloria? Now that you move out, how are you going to deal with her?"

The curtains beside the bed were not closed. A ray of sunlight came through the gap and looked like golden in the dark bedroom. She looked at the sunlight and said, "don't worry. I'll get even with them later."

After they hung up the phone, Ashley was going to call the other two persons back when she received a message from Francis, which said, "I heard about the play from Chase. Congratulation! You succeed."

Looking at the words on the screen, Ashley thought for a while and wrote, "thank you. I just went to bed. I didn't notice your phone call until now. When I recover, I will invite you to dinner."

Francis soon replied, "Okay, I'm really sorry. You live in Fang's house, so it's not convenient for me to visit you more."

Didn't he know that she had moved away from the Fang family? Ashley squinted her eyes and said tentatively, "didn't my sister tell you that I had moved out of the Fang family?"

As soon as she sent the message, Francis called and asked, "why did you move away? Did Sheila and her mother make things difficult for you?"

It seemed that when Aunt Belinda went back from Fang's family, she had complained to her son Francis how messy the situation of Fang's family was. This was really like lifting a stone to hit her own feet. Sheila and Gloria originally wanted to teach Ashley a lesson through Belinda. However, Belinda watched a messy performance here, and went back home and repeated it. On the contrary, Francis had a worse impression on Gloria and Sheila.

Ashley disdained to use this to attack them. After she briefly explained the thing about June and Tracy, Francis was relieved.

"Haven't you and Sheila made it up? Didn't she tell you about it?" Ashley asked again.

"I hadn't neither meet nor contact her recently. Francis replied.

It seemed that they had re-conciliated on the surface but Francis still mind it.

After they chatted for a few more minutes, they hung up the phone. Ashley didn't know if there was any progress with Dylan, so she decided to call to ask him by the way.

There was a knock at the door. Ashley came to her senses and said, "come in, please."

Joyce came in and pulled open the curtain. "I guess you are about to wake up. So I come in and have a look."

The curtains were pulled open, and the bedroom was filled with the afte

here today. You go to sleep now. When he falls asleep, I will sleep too."

"Okay. I'll sleep with you." The boy twisted his ankle when he heard Ashley's words, and Ashley held him to keep him from falling down.

"Okay, Miss. I'll go to bed now. Call me if you need help at night."


Joyce turned off all the lights in the study and the cloakroom, leaving the bedroom light on.

"Nelson, don't jump any more. Lie down. It's time to sleep."

"Auntie, why don't you sleep in the bed with me?" said Nelson, laying down.

"How can I tell you stories if I lie down?"

"Yes, you can. Lie down please."

Ashley had no choice but to lie beside him and cover the two's edges of the quilt so as not to catch a cold at night. Nelson knew she was injured and after he tried to hold her but was stopped by Joyce, the little boy was obedient and did not dare to touch her. Now, Nelson moved closer to her and careful kept himself away from her. How sensible he was!

Ashley held up a book and began to continue the part of yesterday's collection.

The little boy was so energetic that he didn't fall asleep until Ashley couldn't hold on any more. She was too sleep and felt asleep soon.

It was quiet in the villa of summer night. In the grass and the woods, only the murmurs of insects could be heard. Occasionally, the sound of chatting came from far away, which made the night more dreamy. The empty room was quiet. It was the security guard at the gate who was talking.

The sudden silence was broken by the ring of the door. The security guards were on alert immediately. Who would come so late?

The security guard near the screen turned on the monitor. To his surprise, it was Jasper who was ringing the doorbell with a cigarette in his mouth.

They quickly opened the door. The guards in the shifts greeted him, "Sir, you are back!"

Jasper nodded and returned to the car, driving into the villa.

After that interlude, there was silence in the villa again. Crickets and unknown insects shouted hoarsely again. Jasper drove the car into the garage and entered the villa with the car key.

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