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   Chapter 55 An Interview (Part Three)

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After thinking through a lot of solutions, Ashley believed that a genius's defect and ignorance, coupled with the love persistence, could be added to this character's weakness and kindness, which at least served as a motivation for those bad behaviors.

Seeing the rapid change of Ashley's emotion, Chase was surprised. He had thought that the acting skill of the new actress recommended by Francis would be awkward, but it was out of his expectation that this Ashley's acting skill was so infectious, especially that it had entered the film scene in a very fast way and could drive the opponent very fast.

After pacing a few steps in front of Ashley, Daisy asked angrily and angrily, "you said that you liked me to be your attending physician, then why your toes pointing in another way?"

"I haven't studied psychology. I don't understand what you mean," Ashley continued, laughing, leaning her body against the armrest of a wheelchair

"You don't understand? Isn't it you who instigated Eda? Hypocrite! "

All of a sudden, Ashley changed her face. She was angry and disgusted, but she wouldn't admit defeat, so she continued to play, "I just don't like you. What can you do to me?"

Chase didn't stop this time. Daisy continued, "of course I won't do anything to you. We are just chatting." Daisy regained her professional manner and tried to comfort the patient by this matter. "When I exposed you, did you feel hurt and angry? In fact, when you scheme against others, others also have the same feelings... "

"Card!" Chase asked them to stop and said, "the make-up artist is coming to make up for Ashley."

The make-up artist hurried over with the makeup box and put on the make-up on Ashley.

"Daisy, you can have a rest." After Chase finished his words, he continued to discuss the role with Ashley. "Ashley, what do you think about Penny?"

Ashley thought for a while and said, "Penny is very smart. I don't think her defects of character were not acquired, but were born out of ignorance of good and evil. She was ignorant and smart, so she didn't think about others when she did anything. What she did was only to follow her inner desire. She also had a crush on the hero and changed for love. Although she could finally enter the society after treatment, she was still ignorant. The only way to cure her illness was to compromise in love. She is really a tragedy. "

Chase nodded.

The makeup artist quickly completed a light makeup within five minutes. When the girl opened her eyes, everyone took a deep breath. With only a few strokes, her face was so touching. It seemed that Chase saw the sad and beautiful ending of her extremely beautiful face.

According to the script, Penny was a genius psychopath with a normal appearance. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment because she had damaged her family and society. She was not only ignorant good and evil, but also had a deep love for her brother. She was not a good person on the

ted than Ashley. "This is my first time to see an actor on the scene. It's so realistic that I thought it was funny at first."

"There are actually some funny moments." 'If you wasn't used to watching the costume dramas, such as traditional ones, mystical shows and so on, many of them were reality shows. It would be a fun to watch them on the scene.' Henry said.

"Sounds interesting." With a smile on Joyce's face, she waved her hand in front of Ashley's eyes as she saw that Ashley was still in a trance. "What are you thinking about, Miss Ashley?"

"Oh, nothing." Ashley said with a little hesitation.

Seeing that Ashley was still in a daze, Henry raised his lips and said, "with your acting skills and Francis's support, it's normal for you to play this role."

Ashley nodded.

Henry drove Ashley back to Zhan family's house and then drove back to the company.

It was said that Ashley had been chosen. Abbott had cooked many delicious dishes and all of them had a good time eating. Ashley felt tired. Actually, she didn't do anything today, but just had a try.

After the meal, Ashley was pulled upstairs by Joyce to have a rest.

She didn't wake up until four o'clock in the afternoon. When Ashley woke up, she groped for her cell phone on the bedside table. There were several missed calls, including those from Francis, Dylan and June.

Ashley thought that Francis and Dylan must to congratulate to her, so she called June back first.

After a few rings, the phone was answered by June, "Ashley, why didn't you answer my calls?"

Ashley rubbed her eyes and said, "I'm sleeping and a little sleepy after lunch. June, what's up?"

"Nothing important. I heard that Mark found you and forced you to hide. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Have you dealt with the matter about Mark?"

"Not yet. I want to play a few more days. His wife is so undiscriminating. She still scolds you in such a situation, I give her a lesson for you! "

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