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   Chapter 52 Palm Reading

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With that, Joyce dropped her luggage away skillfully and said, "Ashley, are you tired? Would you like to have a rest or go downstairs to have lunch now?"

Ashley looked at her watch. It was past twelve o'clock. "Let's have dinner first."

Joyce pushed her into the elevator. They had lunch together. The steward Bradley, the nutritionists Abbott, the gardener Dustin, the two servants Delia and Eve, and the bodyguards who were assigned to take turns to dine. The dining hall was large enough with a long table, and a group of people had a rich place to sit together.

There was not such hierarchical distinction in Jasper's house. The meal time was 7:00am for breakfast, 12:00 for lunch and 6:00pm for dinner. They either dined together, or if time was not allowed, they would dine individual. With so many people to eat every day, Ashley asked Abbott whether he could manage it.

At that time, Abbott said that the division of labor in Zhan family was not so clear, and the bodyguards and gardeners would help each other with picking vegetables and washing vegetables since they had no spare time. Later on, Ashley saw a cleaner watering the flowers while Bradley was cleaning the furniture, so she didn't feel surprised.

Ashley was drinking soup with a spoon. Everyone in the room was talking warmly. The gardener Dustin said with a bun in his mouth, "Ashley, don't you like sunflower? There are so many sunflower in the garden. I will take some fresh ones and put them in the vases in your room. What do you think?"

After listening to this, Ashley felt a little unbearable. She shook her head and said, "the garden is so close. I want to go downstairs to have a look at it at any time. Flowers will die if we pick them off.

Dustin narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Ashley, you are a flower lover."

Ashley can't consider herself as a flower lover. She used to love picking flowers, but when she saw the flowers withered in the bottle, she was a little unwilling to pick the flowers, so she gradually didn't like picking the flowers.

"Ashley, I can practice palmistry. Show me your hand, and I'll tell your marriage. I'm a good palmist. " Dustin added.

Hearing what he said, Bradley said, "that's true. Ashley, you may as well let Dustin have a look. There are several quite accurate divers in his family."

Hearing this, Ashley was a little interested. She held out her right hand. Abbott and Joyce sat next to her and couldn't help but look at her hand.

Dustin held her hand and looked at her for a long time without saying anything.

"How is it ?" Abbott urged.

Dustin look on Ashley's face in which showed a penetrating power through other's heart. Ashley trembled in her mind and couldn't help to pull her hand back.

Seeing this, Dustin gave an unfathomable smile, "Ashley, you have a good luck in love affairs. Don't worry about your marriage."

Abbott smiled bitterly and said, "We all know Ashley is a beautiful girl and she has a good character. There must be countless men chasing after her. You don't need to worry about her marriage."

After lunch, Dustin offered to take her for a walk in the garden.

It was difficult to walk

he quietly opened the book and homework and began to write Chinese characters with a pencil. She looked at the baby's round face. From his eyes and brows, she could vaguely see the figure of Jasper. If the child she gave birth to was still alive, he should be at the same age as


Ashley drew back her eyes and sighed secretly, continuing with the brief biography.

Jasper returned home on time. Bradley took over the suit jacket from Jasper's hand and said, "Nelson is in Ashley's room."

"Got it. You can have a rest now."

"Yes, sir."

Jasper walked upstairs and came to the left door of the third floor. He knocked at the door. Soon, a strange woman opened the door.

"Mr. Zhan."

"You are the nurse, Joyce, right?"

"Yes, sir."

As Jasper walked in, he saw that Ashley was sitting on the bed with a book in her hand in the bedroom on the left, while Nelson seemed to have fallen asleep on the bed. He said, "Joyce, I have something to talk with Ashley."

Joyce understood at once, "I'll have a walk downstairs."

Jasper nodded.

Sitting on the bed and watching the man walking towards her, Ashley felt a little uncomfortable since it was not convenient for her to move. Jasper walked to his son's side and saw that Nelson had fallen asleep. His little mouth was still slightly open and his nose was flat as he breathed.

Jasper said gently with some sense of warmth, "How is your wound?"

Being asked in such a sudden and being in such an environment in the bedroom, with only the three of them and the children asleep, Ashley felt even more uncomfortable.

"It's half healed."

"Let me see."

Ashley rolled up her wide nightgown. Jasper sat near the bed and looked at her carefully. They were quite close to each other, which made Ashley's heart beat faster.

Her wound was covered with layers of gauze, Jasper couldn't see the cut, so he turn back with a couple of glimpses. "Except for those men, is there any news about the kidnap?" he asked.

"Not yet." She rolled down her sleeves and shook her head.

"It's my negligence to make you come home alone at night."

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