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   Chapter 51 Back to Jasper's House

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Hearing her words, Mark immediately retorted, "Mrs. Fang, don't say that. You can't lecture any kid just because you are their senior. I think that Ashley is well behaved and sensible. It's my wife's fault. She deserves this apology."

After all, it' was still because of the matchmaking. How powerful was the power and money? It was powerful that it could bend from right to wrong, change people's attitude from arrogant to subservient. Ashley frowned.

Being refuted by an officer, Gloria felt embarrassed and at the same time, she was a little shocked about what June had done. June was just Ashley's friend, but she could make an government officer be so polite to Ashley. It seemed that it would be more beneficial for Sheila to get in touch with June in the future.

"Mark and Tracy, please have a seat. You must be tired." Seeing that the couple didn't want to have dinner together, Samuel immediately led them to the living room. "Betty, push Ashley here and talk to Mark."

Ashley had no choice, so she was pushed by Betty beside Mark. She noticed the way Sheila stared at her, as if Sheila was extremely jealous. She couldn't help thinking that Sheila really couldn't see her happy. Why should she be jealous about this?

"Ashley, I heard that June and you are sisters. Is that true?"

Ashley smiled and said deliberately, "I met her only several times."

Hearing her words, Mark was dazed for a moment. Then he smiled and said, "Ashley is so modest. I have gotten into a lot of trouble recently. Can you help to introduce me to June?

Ashley had made up her mind to not intervene in this matter. As for what June was going to do, she could get advice from her family. Ashley didn't need to meddle in it. So she smiled again, "Mark, I'm not familiar with June. I'm afraid I can't help you."

"Ashley, are you still mad at my wife? If so, I'll ask my wife to kneel down and apologize to you," Mark continued.

After saying that, Mark pulled his wife Tracy kneel down. Tracy was stunned. Both Samuel and Gloria were shocked, so did Ashley. For his future, this man would do such a thing to humiliate his wife. Ashley didn't want Tracy to kneel down, so she quickly got up to help her up, and her attempt made her wounds open.

"Ah!" Ashley screamed out.

After hearing this, Tracy stopped kneeling. And then several people surrounded Ashley. Mark turned around and asked her with great concern, "what's wrong with Ashley?"

"My wound opened. It hurts." Ashley screamed. The wounds on her bare leg was bleeding.

"Oh, miss, what's wrong with you?" Betty was so smart that she ran over when she heard the sound.

"Betty, help me go back to my room to stop the bleeding." She was in constant pain.

"Yes, miss!" Betty answered.

Mark was about to follow. Betty said quickly, "Ashley was injured and she's not convenient to

entertain guests. I can take care of her by myself."

After entering the room, Betty started to look for the first aid kit and scissors. Anyway, Betty was very busy. After a long while, Betty finally came out of the room. Worried about Ashley's woun

a myriad of feelings welled up in Ashley's heart. The steward Bradley welcomed her at the door with a smile, and his nutritionist Abbott also came out with a spoon in his hand, "Oh, Ashley, you are back. I'm making some soup for you. You can have it at noon."

"Thank you, uncle Abbott. I have wanted to eat the dishes you cook for a long time."

"Haha, that's easy. I can cook for you every day!"

Originally, she thought that Bradley would arrange a room on the first floor for her so that she could get out easily. But it turned out that her room was on the left of the third floor.

"Ashley, you don't have to worry about going upstairs. There is elevator in the villa, it is just we don't use it normally." As he spoke, Bradley pushed her to the southeast corner of the hall on the first floor. Sure enough, there was an elevator, which she had not noticed before.

The elevator was at the exit of the third floor and moved to the left side of the fence. The design of the exit was integrated with the building and there was no sense of wrong. No wonder she didn't notice it before.

The furnishings in the room were the same as when she left, as if she had never left. Bradley asked someone to come in to help her put away her clothes, and then he left the room.

"Nice to meet you, Ashley. My name is Joyce. Bradley said I would take care of you during your recovery."

Ashley looked at the woman called Joyce. She was in her twenties. Although she was not stunning, she looked clean and comfortable.

"I've never seen you before. Are you a newcomer?"

"Yes, I came here half an hour earlier than you. Bradley hired me from the hospital."

hospital? "Are you a nurse?" asked Ashley

"Yes." Joyce said affirmatively.

Bradley was so capable that Jasper had decided to let her move here only two hours ago. In just a short period of time, Bradley selected a nurse from a hospital, and asked her to arrive an hour earlier than her to settle down. That was to say, it took at most an hour for him to deal with this case.

What a high efficiency!

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