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   Chapter 50 Tracy Song

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10086

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After Ashley told June about what she had told Shawn, June continued to talk about it.

"Ashley, how could you let your chance to blackmail Gloria go so easily?"

"That's a million dollars. If Gloria does give it to you, it will be enough to take her life."

"Do you know how hard to make money?"

Not to mention the fact about Gloria, June had an interesting things. When some people were in Fang family that day, they were playing mahjong but offended June completely by words. Ashley made time to ask Betty about the background of those few people. And Betty really knew everything. That Tracy had some background. Her husband was a high-ranking official in the government; the husband of Sylvia was in the business of building materials and cooperated with ZM Group. As for the rest, in fact, she was Gloria's close relatives. Call her Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang came from an ordinary family. She didn't have a powerful background. Ashley asked and then told everything she knew to June.

June's action was really fast. The next day after Gloria hung up the white cloth, Ashley was taking a nap on the bed. Since she had been taken care of at home, she ate and slept every day. When Ashley was sleeping soundly, Betty knocked on the door and came in. Ashley was half asleep. "What's up, Betty?"

"Miss, several ladies who played mahjong the other day came to see you with gifts."

"Ho Ho, why didn't I see such an hospitable couple last time?" Ashley believed that June had already taken action. They didn't expect that June's family member who was in charge of the government. Her family started an industry company and now had a boyfriend with the son of JC Group. No one in A City dared to provoke June. Only shallow ladies like them don't know June and thought they could do anything because they were powerful. However, they never knew that there were so many powerful people who could threaten them.

"Miss, shall you meet them?"

Ashley got up angrily. "You said I was sleeping. Let them go back."

Ashley knew clearly that these people had no way to ask help and came to her to ask her to help them. She didn't want to get involved in this kind of matter. June could punish them as she liked, but Ashley would like to see how these snitching people would be unlucky. It was they who asked for trouble.

Betty left the room and sent the message to them.

The other two ladies were just fine, but Tracy got annoyed and shouted, "what the hell are you talking about? Shame on you! Do you really think you have been inlaid with gold? Just as a lowly girl, you have the guts to make trouble here!"

Ashley had a sharp ear and Tracy had a high pitched voice. It was obvious that she said that on purpose so that Ashley could hear it. Ashley could hear it no matter how hard she tried. It seemed that Tracy was always in clover, and was used to being domineering. She got the cold shoulder for asking others to help her for the first time, which made her angry from embarrassment.

Ashley yawn

ple's affairs," Ashley smiled In fact, Ashley didn't always turn a blind eye to people. If they were on good terms, Ashley would definitely help them. If they were on bad terms and were troublemakers. She didn't want to pick a fight with them.

Realizing that Ashley was not going to give in, Sylvia disappointedly went away with the gift in her hand. The relative of Gloria knew that she would not have a chance too, so she came back with the gift.

Upon seeing this, Gloria couldn't help disdaining them. It was just a small gift. How could they take it back? It was better to give it to her directly.

Ashley had thought it was over, but unexpectedly, at dusk, Tracy who left angrily came back, along with her husband, Mark Song.

The four people of Fang family were having dinner in the dining room. When the Butler came to inform them, the two people of Song family had already entered the room. Seeing this, everyone quickly stood up and greeted Song Couple, "Director Song!"

Of course, except for Ashley, she could not stand up, but sat there.

"You're having dinner. We didn't come in time." Mark Song laughed.

Having dealt with Mark Song twice, Samuel shook his hand at once. "Thank you. If Tracy and Mark Song don't mind the food is crude, let's sit down and eat together."

"We couldn't eat. I took my wife here today to apologize." Then he pulled out Tracy.

However, Tracy's arrogance was gone. She walked towards Ashley holding the gift and said, "Ashley, I didn't mean to offend you. Please don't take my words seriously."

Ashley laughed in her heart and said, "Tracy, you are flattering me."

Seeing the two men treated Ashley with respect, Sheila was not happy. Afraid that her daughter couldn't hold her temper, Gloria quietly walked to Sheila's side, held her daughter's hand and said to Tracy, "Tracy, it's very kind of you to say that. Ashley is a junior and it is alright for you to say something."

Ashley cursed Gloria in her mind, 'how shameless Gloria is!'

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