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   Chapter 49 Sound Gloria Out

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June greeted everyone politely as soon as she came in, and she didn't lose her manner towards Gloria. Although June hated Gloria very much, she was good at being sophisticated in business field, so she didn't show any trace of her disgust. She still kept a smile on her face politely.

One of the lady named Sylvia was thin and energetic. She liked June once seeing her, so she kindly asked June come over. "How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you need me to introduce one for you?"

June politely kept away from her and said, "thank you, aunt. I have a boyfriend now."

"Oh, You have a boyfriend now. What a pity!"

The ladies were busy playing mahjong and didn't talk much. June said a few conventional words and pushed Ashley back to her room. Before the door was closed, they heard Sylvia sneering, "Well, what of that? I can't even touch her. And 'I have a boyfriend.'"

Sylvia imitated very well. The ladies laughed and one of them said, "She's Ashley's friend. No better than her. You are just too kind to introduce a man to her."

Hearing this, Ashley didn't take it seriously. However, June couldn't stand it. She immediately rushed back, but Ashley failed to stop her. June was born in a wealthy family. Guan family owned industrial company, and besides the y had direct relatives in the military and political circles. June was really the daughter of a rich family in a city. She had been coaxed to grow up. No one dared to gossip her like that.

Seeing that June was back, these ladies looked a little bit awkward. June still remembered everyone's voice. Then she asked Sylvia and another lady Tracy what their family did.

Before Tracy could see what was going on, she refuted, "who do you think you are, young lady? You are always so arrogant in front of the senior."

In fact, apart from Tracy, several people present, including Gloria, probably didn't know about June. If Sheila was here now, they could get some information from her. Unfortunately, Sheila had gone to work today.

Gloria didn't say a word. Apparently, one of the lady didn't take June seriously. "Just listen to the elders. Don't be garrulous."

Except for dealing with her customers, June had never been so angry. She remembered it in her mind immediately and asked them about the origin of the women when she went back to the room of Ashley.

Ashley didn't know, "I will ask the servants at home later. They should know each other. Mine is not an honorable family. Gloria is the mistress. I don't think she can make friends with some noble people."

June was angry and depressed for a while.

Ashley was very embarrassed. She asked June come here, but she couldn't make June satisfied, so she had to change the topic. "You said you have a boyfriend. Who is he?"

Hearing this, June was not angry, but she still felt a bit embarrassed. "We grew up together and we have known each other for a long time.

at Ashley.

At half past ten the next morning, Gloria carried her bag and left alone.

Time seemed to crawl. Two hours later, June sent her a picture, on which there was a big tree with a white cloth hanging on it. June sent her a short message:

Gloria was smart. She didn't hang the cloth herself, but asked a senior high school student to do it for her.

Ashley replied with an Emoji. She sat in the wheelchair, thinking about the next step.

What would happen if she told Shawn about it? Could this kind of indirect derivation of the truth criminate Gloria?" 'What if Gloria refuses to admit her crime? Would that alert Gloria and Sheila and make them more vigilant?

But as things went on, what should her do next? Did she really need the money? Once she took the money, it would be the blackmail. Even if it could not be found out in the future, she didn't want the money. She thought it was dirty.

After thinking for a while, after making sure that the house was safe, Ashley decided to make a phone call to Shawn.

The phone was soon connected and Shawn answered the phone. Ashley elaborated on the situation and asked, "with this, can you convict Gloria of her crime?"

Shawn answered, "No, we can't. We can only reckon with Gloria as a criminal suspect. She can be taken into custody for questioning. If she refuses to admit it, we still can't convict her."

Right enough.

"What if Gloria really transferred one million?"

"It doesn't work. After all, evidence obtained by illegal means is not legal and cannot be used as evidence." "But you don't have to be disheartened by it. According to the information you have told me, I have gotten another clue. I will ask someone to bring Gloria here and check whether we can get some valuable clue." Shawn said.

"Will it alert her?" Ashley said worriedly.

"No, it won't. I'll ask her to come here for questioning on the ground of the kidnapping. Don't worry."

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