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   Chapter 48 Well-masked Betty

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10049

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A great hatred was rolling in Ashley's chest, so she clenched hands tightly.

Chick, you dare to fight with me. I'll teach you a lesson! Glancing at her disdainfully, Gloria went upstairs to comfort her daughter.

After Gloria and Sheila had left, Betty came out and said, "Miss, I didn't dare to go out just now. I'm afraid that I might lose my job... I I'll get some ice to apply on your face. "

It's human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Although Ashley's mother was kind to Betty, and it was not easy for Betty to take care of Ashley both openly and secretly over the past few years, so Ashley didn't blame her. "Thank you!"

Betty took her to the room and then went to the kitchen to get an ice bag from the refrigerator and put it on her face. Betty applied the ice gently on Ashley's face. The burning pain was alleviated a little.

"Miss, they have bullied you like this since you were a child. Why don't you tell your father? He will not stand by if he knows they treat you like this."

Ashley had told him before, but Samuel was very guilty about them. At most, he gave them a tongue lashing but didn't actually hurt them, but only led to double insults from them the next day. He wasn't angry with even when Sheila tried to seduce Francis. Gloria and Sheila just kept indulging in a life of pleasure and comfort. They never changed.

Samuel's guilt for them was beyond imagination. It was useless for Ashley to say it, let alone to ask his help.

"It's no use saying it." Ashley shook her head.

"Miss, if you want to teach them a lesson, you'd have to start from their servants. I don't know what Sheila usually do every day, but I know a lot about Gloria."

Betty usually looked timid. Hearing that, Ashley was surprised and delighted. What made her surprised was Betty was really well-masked. And what made her happy was she had hope to cope with Gloria.

Betty smiled with ingenuously, "Miss, don't underestimate us. We servants always gather together to chat with each other when we are free. Those two young girls are often taken out to see life by Gloria. When we go out to buy some vegetables, do some errands, we would go with the servants whose master are who are on good terms with Fang family. News such as what's going on with others? How's the relations between the madams? What's the advantages and shortcomings of the madams? We are the most well-informed about these.

Ashley had an idea in her mind. If she knew the information, she could exploit them to cope with Gloria. At the thought of this, she felt a little anxious to know. She quickly pulled Betty to sit down and asked, "Betty, please tell me what did Gloria usually do? Did she have any weakness?"

"Miss, don't worry. Let me tell you while applying ice on your face." Betty didn't sit, keeping standing there. She gently put the ice bag on Ashley's face and answered slowly, "all the things Gloria does is simple. She played mahjong with other ladies, goes shopping, bea

ymore. If that was the case, why should she act as a villain? It didn't matter if she told Samuel all those things without any evidence. He wouldn't divorce or change anything. Gloria and Sheila would not let her go off easily, so did she. If she hurt Samuel some day because of this, it could only be said that it was God's will. Perhaps, there were things that one couldn't escape from life, as if she couldn't avoid Gloria and Sheila, so did Samuel can't escape the turmoil in his twilight years.

After thinking it through, Ashley decided to let it go. That night, she turned to June for help and discussed how to deal with Gloria and Sheila. June had already known that Ashley was kidnapped days ago. However, she had been handling the quality of products in a small foreign country. She just came back from abroad.

June had been busy in the office for a few more days, and finally finished her work. The next day after she had a rest, she went straight to the villa of Fang family.

When she was a child, she often came to play with Ashley. Although she hadn't been here for so many years, she was still very familiar with this place.

Gloria had invited several ladies to play mahjong at home that day. Almost every once in a while, these ladies would come to their home. It seemed that the place where they played mahjong was replaced by other ladies' home. Ashley look at her watch and she found June would come soon, so she asked Betty to push her to the door to wait for June.

Among the ladies who were playing mahjong, Ashley didn't know any of them. Her mother used to stay at home and keep a distance from others, but she seldom knew those rich ladies. She greeted them one by one. Those ladies had been friends with Gloria for a long time, so they didn't pay much attention to Ashley. So she didn't bother to talk to them.

After a short while, June came over. Her short hair seemed to be shorter than her ear, but with her delicate face, she looked very neat and attractive.

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