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   Chapter 47 A Slap On The Faces of Stepmother And Stepsister

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10688

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Ashley's breath paused for a moment. Such kind of close confession was from her first love, though it was really destructive, she began to hover in her heart.

In fact, what she said to persuade Francis was indeed a try to persuade herself. If she didn't compromise, it would not last long. So far, Francis was the person who made her feel most comfortable and natural when she got along with him. She didn't need to wear a mask. She could be herself without the rank gap.

If she and Francis could reunite, after going through so many trials and hardships, they should cherish each other more.

"I don't know." She said in a low voice.

Francis didn't continue the topic, "we've already chosen the director of this play, and he is choosing the actors and actresses. You'd better come to Dylan to confirm the role as soon as possible."


"Well, I have to go now. Bye!"

"Okay, take your time."

After they hung up the phone, Ashley sat on the sofa and was in a daze for a while. Then she looked at watch and found it was almost noon. It seemed that she needed to call Dylan again. She had been calling for the whole morning. The assistant answered the phone and told her that Dylan was filming a commercial advertisement. Ashley asked the assistant to advise Dylan to call her back when he was free.

After a while, Gloria came and knocked at her door. "Ashley, it's time for lunch. How about asking Betty to push you out?" she asked.


As she said, Betty knocked on the door and pushed her into the living room. Ashley was surprised that the servants would come to her when dinner was ready. Why did Gloria ask her out so solicitously today? However, when she went out, she saw Francis' mother in the living room, including Sheila. Ashley was stunned and surprised. What were Gloria and Sheila doing there?

Or she had misestimated Sheila's tactics from the very beginning. Sheila didn't want to take the excuse of pregnancy to get married, but to please Francis's mother Belinda to achieve her goal? They could do what they like. Why did they push her out?

Ashley didn't know how to react to the situation. Just then, Betty pushed her to the table. "Hello, auntie Belinda," said Ashley politely.

Belinda didn't even look at her.

At the dinner, Sheila tried to flatter her, although Belinda did not like Sheila very much. But Belinda's attitude toward Ashley was obviously better than she did to Sheila.

Ashley watched quietly while eating.

"Ashley, look how well the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along with each other." Gloria helped Ashley with some food.

Ashley frowned and suddenly realized that Gloria did this to scare her!

Thinking this through, she was not worried because she never scared of these tricks. Ashley smiled and said, "yes, auntie is a good mother-in-law. Sheila, you should cherish. Don't lie to her about your pregnancy. Otherwise auntie must be heartbroken."

Sheila's face turned blue in an instant, but she had to keep her temper under control because of Belinda, so she puckered her lips and kept silent.

Belinda called to mind about what happened in the past. Her face remained unchange

've called me brother, so it's not appropriate for me to refuse you." Dylan raised his head to look at the sky. "One is you, the other is my little lover. Well, the director is not satisfied with the choice of the two heroines. I'll ask the assistant director to arrange it for you. You two come here to undergo a screen test. Let the director to choose by himself. I can't decide."

Ashley knew that this was the biggest concession, and she quickly said, "thank you, brother Dylan. I will never forget it. When I recover, I will treat you to a big meal."

"Okay, I wait."

After settling with Dylan, Sheila, who was still waiting outside the door, finally stopped. Ashley called Jasper and told him the result of the negotiation. Jasper's reaction was quite calm, and he just asked her to inform him once the screen test time was set, and then hung up the phone.

After Sheila's momentary silent, Gloria knocked on the door again. Ashley didn't pay attention to her this time. Gloria also knocked the door unhurriedly.

A cunning woman like Gloria wasn't as easy as to deal with Sheila. She was sly just like an old fox. Ashley opened the door and asked with a smile, "what's up? Auntie."

She saw that Gloria looked down at her and slapped her on the face.

Ashley limbs were injured, and she almost stood up to have a fight with Gloria. But she can't, she couldn't let her wound break open again. She had to recover as soon as possible. There was training classes waiting for her and she needed to take notice.

A slap didn't seem to work off her anger, and then Gloria whipped her another slap.

Ashley endured it with her teeth clenched.

"Chick, I know you have changed a lot after coming back from abroad." Gloria narrowed her eyes and sneered, "but your skills are far from enough to defeat me! It's useless for you to stick your tongue out. Let's wait and see! Sheila will eventually marry into the Xue family! And you, Ashley, if you dare to do anything, I will let the world know that you are a shameless bitch and you can't live without a man. By then, you just try in vain to be an actress and star!

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