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   Chapter 46 The Second Heroine Is Better Than The Heroine

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10340

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It took Dylan a long time to accept this plan, he was quite shocked.

"Mr. Dylan? Are you listening? "

"I am listening. Your plan is so... You are too mean. Women are vicious. " Dylan looked up at the ceiling and said, "I underestimated you, Ashley."

Ashley didn't want to take the blame, so she said, "well, I don't have the strength. I just want to treat her the same way as she did to me."

When Dylan recalled all the things before, an incredible thought came to his mind. He asked, "could it be that the one you had an affair with was arranged by Sheila?"

"I didn't cheat!" Ashley emphasized.

"Then... Then... " Dylan was even more incredulous. "Are you fooled... "Doing that?"

"……" Ashley didn't say anything.

"Who is that man?" Dylan asked again.

"I don't know..."

"Fuck!" Dylan spat again. But he soon regretted having said that. With a serious look on his face, he said in a low voice, "you have suffered a lot, pretty."

"Yes." "To get your help, I have dug the wounds myself. Could you please help me?" Ashley added and laughed at herself.

"Of course I will. Don't worry. I will avenge for you!"

"Thank you so much, Dylan!"

"It sounds good. You don't need to thank me. Just wait for my good news."

After that, Ashley hung up the phone. She could set her mind at ease as Dylan followed this.

At dinner time, Sheila didn't come back. So Ashley guessed that she must go to find Francis. During the meal, Gloria showed great concern for her in front of Samuel, picking up the dishes, pouring the soup and caring. The left hand under the table had to be clenched tightly to keep Ashley from behaving inappropriately.

A few days ago, the police had made a record of people around Ashely. All the people showed no unusual performance about her kidnapping. The case was still in progress in the investigation, and there was no progress. The case about her mother, which had been collected for a long time, left no evidence to investigate. Even though Ashely suspected Gloria, there was no evidence to prove that what she said was true.

All the murderers were still at large.

When facing Gloria, Ashely had to try her best to suppress her hatred so as not to throttle her. Every minute she spent with Gloria was a torture to her.

After the dinner, Ashley asked Betty to push her back to her room. She had to figure out a way to let Gloria give herself away.

The wound had already healed, but she still had to avoid water. It was troublesome to wash, and Ashely had to rely on others. After that, Ashley went to bed with the help of a maid. Before going to sleep, she checked her phone out of habit, and then she saw the missed call from Jasper. The timing was more than ten minutes ago.

When Ashely received the phone call from her boss, she called back immediately, but Jasper didn't answer it this time. Holding the script which she was going to finish soon in her hands, Ashley was waiting for Jasper's call when she finished reading, the call didn't come. Ashley guessed that Jasper who wanted to contact her might not pl

e had a meal that day was because Dylan wanted to give the role of Penny Geng to Daisy Ouyang."

Daisy Ouyang? It suddenly occured to Ashley that the woman was familiar to her, but she couldn't remember who she was. Ashley had thought that the woman had played a role, but it turned out to be her classmate in college, Daisy Ouyang.

Daisy Ouyang was not bad or good in the class, and she didn't talk much, which made Ashley's memory of her a little vague. The reason why Ashley was remembered her was that there was only Daisy Ouyang has a compound surname in the class, and it was easy to remember.

"Okay, then I will ask for Dylan's opinion. I'm really sorry for making you quarrel with your Sheila because of this matter. It turns out that you haven't taken this role yet. "

"It doesn't matter. Cooperation is originally the will of both sides. This is normal. Don't worry."

Taking the opportunity to inquire about their relationship, Ashley asked, "have you made up with Sheila?"

"It's sort of made up." As Francis said this, he sounded a little tired. "You know better than me about Sheila's temper. Alas..."

Halfway through, but Ashley understood what he meant. Sheila was tough, but she was also willing to compromise. After all, they had been together for so many years, and it was not a big problem. Sheila compromised, several days of good talk made Francis much better.

"It's inevitable for two people to have some frictions in their relationship. You can't give up each other only because of some trivial matters. Otherwise, no one can be together forever. It's good for you to learn compromise."

When Francis heard this, he couldn't help but think of the story between him and Ashley. Except for the so-called "extramarital affair", they had similar temperaments. Was the reason why they had become like this by default? Was it because he didn't know how to love her at that time.

"Ashley." He called her gently.

"Yes," Ashley replied, "what's wrong?"

"If Sheila is not here, is it possible for us to be together?"

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