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   Chapter 42 Be Rescued

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Ashley's physical strength was getting weaker and weaker. She just ran for half an hour not long ago. If she kept running, it would be okay. But after she had a rest, strength seemed to climb again but in fact she was getting weaker and weaker. She didn't have the experience of fighting for a long time. Her spirit was tense, she was fighting with a few people just now, and she felt her strength was quickly losing because of the injury on her shin.

Ashley couldn't help but feel a little desperate. She was scratched by a knife just now and couldn't run away, so she had no chance to escape now. She was anxious to spin things out for as long as possible She didn't know if the police car was looking for her or if anyone found her was kidnapped.

Cliff walked back and Ahern stepped forward. They were in a stalemate for a while. Ahern used a trick, and Ashley was led to the front. Then Ahern kicked her wrist with his legs, disengaged her weapon all of a sudden. Ashley rolled to the ground and wanted to pick it up again. But as she wasn't quick enough, Ahern got it ahead of her.

With a dagger in his hand, Ahern approached her. "Listen, you're capable enough to fight against us four alone! What a pity! You are no match for us after all. Then he raised the knife and rushed at chuck!

Ashley leg was badly injured, and she could only resist the attack with her bound hands. She quickly dodged the man's attack and hit his waist with her elbow! Ahern was irritated. The woman was stabbed in the arm and there was another cut! Ashley hurried to step back. As Ahern was about to attack, she heard Arvin, with his hands covering his crotch, shouted, "Boss, there seems to be a car driving here!"

"Is it the police car?"

Arvin squinted his eyes and looked into the darkness of the night. "No, it's a private car."

"Leave his car alone. We'll retreat as soon as we finish."

Ashley was about to tear the tape from her mouth for help, when Ahern took an opportunity to attack again. Ashley had no time to think strength but lowered himself again. However, what Ahern wanted to do was not her upper body, but her legs. With a sharp blade, Ashley's trousers were cut open, with blood and flesh!

The pain made her head hurt.

Ahern dragged her pants and her slender white legs were exposed mixed with blood! Ashley stumbled backward and leaned against a tree trunk to steady herself.

Ahern looked excited. "Haha, chick, I want to know how long you can hold on!"

When he was about to move forward with the knife in his hand, Arvin shouted again, "run, boss!"

When Ahern turned his head back, he saw four or five people were coming from the direction of the private car, and a police dog was barking to run over.

He opened his eyes wide and shouted, "everyone retreat!"

However, it was too late. The encirclement quickly shrank, and Cliff, Arvin and Cary were targeted by the bodyguards. Seeing this, Ahern walked with a big stride and put two knives on Ashley's neck, "Stop! Or I'll kill her!"

The bodyguards stopped, the barking police dogs was harnessed by th


Morris used to be cold and indifferent. This time, he couldn't help but say, "it has nothing to do with you, right?"

Linda didn't get angry but still showed concern, "we are friends, aren't we? Friends must care about each other. Why are you so angry?"

Morris sneered, "your benchmark for friends are really low, but I never take you as my friend."

Linda's face turned pale, and Alice hurried to mediate. "Morris, Linda just cares about you. You broke her heart by saying so."

"Idiot." Leaving the words, Morris left the meeting room with breakfast.

Alice also got embarrassed. Zoe laughed and said, "Morris was always in a bad temper. Please forgive him. I'm going to persuade him." Then she went out with breakfast.

There were only three girls left in the small meeting room. Roya only greeted the boys at the beginning. She didn't speak anything later.

Linda felt humiliated, so she complained to Roya, "Morris is supercilious because of his qualification. Lucia, you must try your best to deflate his arrogance, or he will think he is bound to

win the first place."

"I know. I've finished my breakfast. You can eat now. I'm going to the rehearsal room." Without looking at the two, Roya threw the food bag into the trash can and walked out of the meeting room.

Linda's face turned livid with rage. She spat, "do you really think you are somebody? Even if the human resources director is your aunt, why didn't she ensure you to be the boss' special artist?"

"Don't be angry, Linda. Have some porridge." Alice handed over the bowl of porridge to her.

"Are you an idiot? I told you not to buy lotus leaf porridge. I don't like this kind of porridge," said Linda seriously as she took a sip of the porridge.

"But Linda, that store only has lotus leaf porridge left."

"Then do you know buy from another store? You idiot!"

Alice's face darkened. She clenched the cup in her hand, which was deformed. But after a while, she loosened the cup and said gently, "I got it, Linda. I'll pay attention to that next time."

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