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   Chapter 34 Period Testing

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Ashley had to walk over, pretending not to see them.

"Good morning, Mr. Zhan, Flora... Good morning, teacher." She wanted to call Flora sister. But later she realized that Flora was about her age, so she called her teacher.

Jasper nodded at her.

Although they lived under the same roof, because of the training, Ashley went home late in the evening. All the people in the Zhan family except the guards had gone to sleep. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and had dinner in a rush, so in the nearly one month, the actual meeting time between the two was ten or twenty minutes in the morning.

"Nowadays kids are so sensible. Call me sister. Teachers are too unfamiliar." Flora put her arm on Ashley's shoulder and said, "You come so early in the morning. Have you had breakfast? I asked my assistant to buy crab cream and soy milk from the Crystal Palace. You can have some with me."

Before Ashley could answer her, Flora turned to Jasper. "Jasper, I'm starving to death. I haven't had breakfast yet. Could you please let me go? I won't do this again."

Jasper's face showed some hints of disappointment, and he must feel bored, so he waved his hand and said, "go ahead!"

Ashley was astonished. Flora wasn't afraid of Jasper at all.

"Would you like to join us, Jasper? I've asked my assistant to buy us a lot of food,"

"No thanks! Hurry up your breakfast and then go with your announcement. Don't be late again. Got it?"

"Don't worry. Focus on your work. Nothing will go wrong this time." Flora giggled.

After taking a look at her, Jasper walked out of the agency department with a sullen face.

"You're so early." Holding Ashley in her arms, Flora walked towards the small meeting room. On the glass table, the assistant had already placed steamed bun dishes and soy milk, "I got up early in the morning and came here earlier than usual. Why do you come here today?"

"I have no other choice. You are the only stars receiving training in our company, so I come here to be the most busy one. After all, I have an agent of the president."

Flora's character was quite interesting. After dinner, Ashley took a sip of soybean milk and asked, "how to say?"

"Because my assistant and intern agent followed my announcements for most of the time. I don't have much chance to meet Jasper. Less than five times. So every time he had me something to do, he would say it: 'come to the company!'" Flora said with a smile. It seemed that she really loved smiling. "So, I have to go to the company very often."

When she imagined the scene that Jasper held the phone with a gloomy face, Ashley couldn't help but laugh.

Other artists who were being trained also came to the company one after another. They were not like Ashley who got up so early, and of course, they were not as lucky as her to have breakfast prepared. Therefore, they were accustomed to coming to the company with breakfast after getting up. After the training, they would have breakfast in the meeting room, and then continued the training courses.

Zoe and Morris came in. Later

legend, accompanied by Roya's clarinet. There was a host sitting in the audience, introducing the show with a microphone.

Morris was acknowledged as the most talented person in music circle. For the first time, the vocal music teacher of the training listened to his singing, he was quite shocked and praised that his voice had been kissed by an angel. You can imagine how good his voice was.

And Roya was good at playing with all kinds of Chinese and Western musical instruments. Although she was not the best, she was good enough to be on the stage.

With Roya was playing the melodious flute, Morris squinted his eyes and sung the song into the microphone.

"Just because I looked at you in the crowd"

A clear and hoarse voice suddenly pierced through the eardrums of everyone in the studio. It was as fascinating as a passionate lover's honeyed words.

All people sitting in the judges' seats got excited.

Jasper walked in. But it did no influence on Morris at all. However, Roya made two mistakes

on the notes when she saw Jasper. After the performance, Roya was still upset.

"Ashley's solo: Rose life!"

Hearing her name, Ashley took a deep breath and stood up.Zoe cheered her on in a low voice.

Rose life was the first melody she played in her music class in university. That was the first time she heard this song. She heard the version of Aoi Teshima. Since then, Ashley had a terrible love for Aoi Teshima. The soft and lonely humming hit her soul deeply. The most elegant and wonderful state in her imagination was just the state of Aoi Teshima song.

She opened the lid of the piano, and put her fingers on the keys. After hundreds of times of refinement, the notes naturally emitted from her fingers. Immersed in leisurely melody, Ashley open her mouth and sang, "Hold me close and hold me fast"

"The magic spell you cast"

Sitting in the outermost judge seat, Jasper focused his eyes on the girl on the stage. Her voice was lazy and leisurely, not as clear as Morris, but with unique calm and enthusiasm.

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