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   Chapter 31 Silent Love

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Abbott is such a great nutritionist that Zhan family's person is very extraordinary.

"Wonton and steamed stuffed buns, please." Ashley thought for a while and said.

"Got it." As Abbott spoke, he took out the wonton and steamed buns from the fridge and put steamed buns into the steamer. Another put the wonton into a pot of boiled water.

"Abbott, do you know where the others are?"

"Bradley is out shopping. Young master is having a class. I don't know where Mr. Jasper is. He's not home anyway."

Ashley raised her hand and took a look at her watch. It was just half past seven. She asked, "when will Nelson get up since he has to go to school so early?"

"They both got up at six and have breakfast at seven. Young master just left."

Getting up at six o'clock...

"I will wait for you in the dining room." Ashley was embarrassed.

After having breakfast, Ashley didn't know what to do for a moment, so she wore a wide bland hat and planned to walk and digest.

The sun in July was very poisonous even in the morning. Ashley was almost baked after she walked for a while. There was a greenhouse about a hundred meters on the east side of the villa. Ashley planned to go into the greenhouse and hide herself.

However, this decision was not a decision as good as one walking the grass.

The greenhouse was all transparent. And because it was summer, when all creatures grew, the greenhouse was almost completely open, and the temperature inside was the same as the outside. The only good thing about it was that it could be a little gloomy.

The greenhouse was full of flowers and green plants, which were different from the place she had been to. All the plants here were on the ground, not in the flowerpots. Earth rose and fell as well. It was a path led by earth and soil, just like walking in the mountains.

Ashley went to the end of the greenhouse and saw a huge golden sunflower which was as tall as a man!

Here were so many sunflowers.

"Miss. Ashley, do you also like sunflowers?"

Ashley turned around and saw a young man standing behind her. From his dressing, she guessed that he was a gardener.

"Sunflowers are very similar to the sun. I believe the people who likes glorious also like sunflowers.

"Mr. Jasper have said the same words." The young gardener patted the soil on his body. "But the flower language of the sunflower is not very good. I don't like them."

"The flower language of sunflower?"

"The sunflowers have been living in the sun, so they are regarded as a flower that symbolizes loyalty, tenacity and endless love. However, it had never had a chance to express its love for her, so the flower language was: silent love. "

Hearing the result, Ashley felt sad for no reason.

"There are so many accidents in the world. It's hard to get married with some lovers. So most people who are going to get married are ruthless in the end. If you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone, don't hold it back. If you let it go, you will never get it back. After all, everyone lives the rest of


Ashley was relieved.

"Why are you still up so late?" Didn't he get up at six o'clock? Then he must go to sleep at 11 o'clock at the latest to get enough sleep.

Jasper did not reply.

With a glass of water in her hand, Ashley walked over and sat on the table next to Jasper. Now she had adapted to the light and could see the outline of Jasper indistinctly. She noticed that there were several cigarette butts in the ashtray on the dining table.

"Do you have anything on your mind?"

"No, I'm just bored." The man's voice sounded somewhat lazy.

"Boring?" He was so busy every day that he still felt bored.

"Yes." Not wanting to say anything more, Jasper asked, "why do you come back so late?"

"I had dinner with a friend."

Jasper took another drag on his cigarette. "Now you can do whatever you want. It's good for you to hang out with your friends. Once you become famous, it's impossible for you to go shopping at your free will."

Although the big boss said Ashely would be famous, she couldn't help asking him, "how do you know I will be famous?"

With a cigarette in his hand, Jasper turned his head to look at her. "If you're in my hand, you can do it."

Although it was very dark, his gaze fell on her body, which made Ashley's heart beat faster. She changed the topic, "do you like sunflowers very much? I saw the greenhouse was planted two or three acres. "

"Yes, I do."


"No reason." As Jasper took a drag on his cigarette, he didn't want to dwell on this subject.

Ashley sensed that Jasper wasn't in a good mood. 'It's not happy or unhappy, perhaps just like he said he was boring, he don't want to talk much, ' Ashley analyzed.

Ashley stood up obediently and said, "it's getting late. I'm going upstairs to sleep."

"Yes." Jasper nodded.

When she walked to the stairs with the glass of water in her hand, Ashley turned around again to see the men who was sitting at the end of the table with the cigarette in his hand.

'Is it so boring? He has so many secrets, ' Ashely thought.

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