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   Chapter 29 Move To Jasper's House

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"Nothing Nothing. "

Ashley suddenly realized that although Jasper was her boss, she still treated him casually.

"Then get out of the car."

After getting out of the car, Ashley's mind was still full of the imposing manner of Jasper, and it took her a long time to come to herself.

The light of the study of the Fang family was still on. A long white light was cast on the carpet in the hallway through the door.

Ashley knocked on the door of the study.

"Come in." Said someone inside.

Ashley opened the door. Samuel looked up from behind the desk and asked, "what's up, Ashley?"

"I quit the job." She said.

Samuel was stunned.

"I've also found a new job. I'm an artist in Shengshi Group. I've already signed the contract today, and I'll move out tomorrow." What Ashley said was like an unexpected bomb.

Samuel's face hardened at the word, "you always decided everything before telling me. Do you still treat me as your father?"

Ashley ignored his logic and said, "even if I tell you in advance, it's still the same result and it won't change anything."

Their talk ended in failure again.

The next morning at 10 o'clock, Henry came to the Fang family house to pick Ashley up. Ashley had already packed a suitcase. Clothes for summer were thin, and it didn't take much space. Besides, she used to be a reporter, so she didn't have many clothes at all. She only brought a few denims and shirts.

Samuel had already gone to work. Recently, Sheila didn't have much dubbing to do, so she stayed at home. Gloria didn't go out to play mahjong either. They genuinely wanted to send her away. If she left, here would become a family of the three.

Before leaving, Ashley asked Betty to keep an eye on Sheila and Gloria.

With a sense of justice, Betty promised her, "Don't worry, miss. If they come up with any vicious idea to harm you, I will call you immediately."

"Be careful and take care. They are crazy. Safety comes first, so you mustn't take any risk."

"Don't worry, miss. I know."

While Henry was waiting on the first floor, Gloria dispatched him a line of questions.

"Where will Ashley live?"

"Does every artist of Shengshi have a chauffeur?"

"What's your relationship with Ashley? I saw you last time."

…… Henry smiled without replying. Sheila and Gloria kept asking Henry without hearing any reply. Ashley came out of the bedroom with their luggage, then Henry went upstairs directly and helped Ashley to take the luggage. "Let me help you with it, Miss Fang. Don't injure your arm." he said

His enthusiasm and consideration made Sheila jealous. Ashley was no better than her, but why the treatments were so different?

"Ashley, if you leave this time, don't come back again."

"No way. This is my home. I can come back whenever I want." Ashley objected.

Before Sheila could say anything more, she was held back by Gloria. "Ashley, how can you be so impolite? This is your sister. Apologize now."

Because Samuel was not at home, Gloria wanted to humiliate her again.

"Why I don't know that I have an elder sister? My mother only had one daughter. I don't know where this bastard came from. Wrongly claimed kin with everyone. How shameful!"

Sheila was so angry. How dare Ashley was! She had to teach Ashley a lesson. With this, she intended to give Ashley a slap.

Sheila's hand was grasped by Henry. He said to Ashley calmly, "Miss Fang, let's get in the car. We will miss the lunch if we are late."

"You are just a driver. Mind your own business." When Sheila wanted to get rid of the control, Gloria also kept on cursing.

Taking a look at them, Ashley walked away without looking back.

Henry took the suitcase to the trunk, sat on the driver's seat and then drove away. Ashley looked at Henry who was about thirty years old. He was not talkative but very calm, neither humble nor pushy.

"Sorry about that."

"Ms. Fang, you can call me Henry."

"All right. Henry, how long have you been with Jasper? Have you been working as his driver?" She asked.

"Actually, I am an assistant and driver. My high school and college were both funded by Jasper. After graduation, I became his assistant and driver."

"Judging from your movements, I think you have practiced Kung fu."

"Yes, Miss Fang. I have learned Wing Chun for ten years."

The person who stayed by the side of Jasper was a competent assistant, a driver and a bodyguard.

The car rushed all the way, and the two did not speak again. More than an hour later, the car drove into Zhan's villa, where Ashley had been kidnapped.

The butler was a man in his fifties. His hair was grey and he was in high spirits. He looked very energetic and kind.

"Are you Miss Fang? You left in a hurry last time, so I didn't have time to introduce myself. My name is Bradley Mo, and I'm the Butler here."

"Nice to meet you, butler Mo."

"Haha, just call me uncle Bradley. That's how master Jasper call me!" Bradley guided her to walk in, with a smile on his face, "I have arranged your room on the third floor, which is a suite with an independent bath

room, a study, and a cloakroom. I promise you will live very comfortably."

How extravagant! Ashley was trembling in her heart, "As long as there is an independent washroom, it's enough. I'm just an ordinary employee. Isn't it a little inappropriate to arrange this?"

"Of course it's appropriate. The room is empty." Bradley didn't feel anything wrong.

"But I'm worried that Jasper..."

"Don't worry." "Master never cares about these trivial things," Bradley said, trying to comfort her

All right.

After putting down the suitcase, Henry drove the car away again. He might go back to the company to look for Jasper. Bradley asked a servant to carry the suitcase and led Ashley upstairs. When they got on the third floor, Ashley found there were only two doors.

Bradley opened one of door and said, "come in, Miss Fang."

Following Bradley into the house, Ashley was immediately stunned by the vast room in front of her. The Fang family was rich, but compared with such a room, it was completely different.

When she enter the room, she saw a space which was about 100 square meters, right opposite was a French window which stretched the whole wall. The thick purplish red curtains were tied up, so the lawn and trees could be seen outside the window. By the window, there were a set of sofa and a coffee table. On the left and next to the door, there were wardrobes and shoe cabinet, all were empty.

Across the left side of the wardrobe, there was an open bedroom. There was no door between the bedroom and the cloakroom, only segmented by a row of wardrobes. She looked around from the cloakroom to the right and found an open study. The right side of the study room should be the bathroom. The whole space was about four to five hundred square meters wide and the inner parts were all open with no concrete wall, so the whole space was carried by three milky white pillars. Moreover, the pillars were covered with a curtain for decoration.

Ashley was too shocked to say a word. Living in a bedroom was as luxurious as a palace.

"When I got the news yesterday, I immediately told the servants to clean up the room." Bradley led her inside, "we have wiped the walls and ceiling here to make sure it is spotless. And the sheets and quilt in the bedroom are all new. They are made from 100% cotton. You will feel comfortable when you sleep."

"Thank you so much for your efforts, uncle Bradley." She felt very embarrassed.

"Don't mention it, it's my job." Bradley didn't care, "but unfortunately, these wardrobes and shoe cabinets are all empty. After you slowly fill them up, it would look much more comfortable."

Fill them up? She only got a few clothes. One wardrobe was enough.

"You can have a rest in your room. When young master finishes school, I'll ask the servant to call you downstairs for lunch."


Bradley left with the servants, and he closed the door for her.

With an amazed look on her face, Ashley walked around the house and exclaimed. "Rich man. How rich he is!"

After the exclamation, Ashley took the clothes out of the suitcase and put them in wardrobe. As she expected, a wardrobe was enough. After washing her hands, she lay on the comfortable bed and looked at the crystal chandelier on the ceiling, feeling like in a dream.

Not long after she lay down, a voice came from behind, "Auntie! Auntie! "

Nelson was calling her. She got up from the bed, and the door was pushed open. Nelson ran over to her and hugged her legs.

"Auntie, I have waited for you for a long time. I thought my father had lied to me. You are really going to live in my house!" Then he rubbed her thigh against her.

'He must run her as soon as he got home so he was out of his breath.'

"Nelson, don't rubber against me. I haven't changed my clothes yet. I have dust all over me."

"It doesn't matter. I'll wash my face later." The boy raised his chubby face and smiled at her.

How adorable he was! Ashley held the boy in her arms and said, "come on, let's go to have dinner. Why are you so heavy?"

"It's all my daddy's fault." Nelson pucker her mouth and said, "daddy said that being fat is more adorable, so he always asks me to eat a lot of food, that's why I'm so heavy."

'Wow, the way Jasper handled kids is really strange. Usually, we would persuade kids to have more food to grow taller, but he said to eat more to become fatter looked more adorable.

Ashley held Nelson in her arms and went to wash his hands and face. As it was summer, Nelson got sweaty, so a servant brought some clean clothes for him. When Ashley was about to help the little boy change his clothes, Nelson refused as he understand men and women were different.

At last, Bradley took him back to his room and got his clothes changed before coming out.

There were Nelson and Ashley on the table. She did not know how Jasper taught him. Although he was only three or four years old, but he was very sensible and intelligent. Kids at Nelson's age were usually a headache. However, Nelson neither need coax nor feed, he could do a good job in dining by himself.

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