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   Chapter 25 Shrewd Wife

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"You old woman!" Kate struggled to push her away. She had palm prints all over her face and her hair was in a mess. She looked very embarrassed. "Look at the wrinkles on your face! You still come to take away Alfred! You are no match for me.

Ashley suddenly felt sick.

"Ashley!" Carol patted her on the back and asked, "are you okay?"

Ashley shook her head. 'How could a woman degenerate so fast? It's only been a month, but how could Kate become like this.'

"What a shameless woman!" The woman tidied up her hair and stepped back. "Let me see how shameless you are. You two go up and take off her clothes!"

Two bodyguards who followed the woman went up and caught Kate.

Kate was terrified. She held her clothes tighter and said, "How dare you! I'm Alfred's woman. How dare you!"

They were afraid nothing at all. Kate was not a pleasing woman, and she had been humiliating herself these days. So no one tried to stop them. Many people even took out their phone to shoot pictures.

Hundreds of employees gathered around the small piece of land at the door. Kate wanted to be the focus of the crowd and the object of discussion of the company all the time. And her dream finally came true in a way which was out of Kate's own expectation.

"Ah! Stop! "

"Help! You can't take off your clothes!"

"Who will help me?"

"Who can help me?"

Kate's clothes were tore, and her bra was also torn off. With tears on her face, she tried to cover her naked body but failed.

The same shame and hatred that Ashley suffered in Zhan family that night came to her mind. She could not bear it so she closed her eyes painfully. The only better thing than Kate was that only Jasper had seen her naked that night and the photo hadn't made public.

Just as what Dylan had said, she was good at evading and forgetting pain. Besides, after she forgot the painful experiences, she could still choose to cooperate with that man and be his actress. If Kate hadn't reminded her today, she might have forgotten the hatred and shame she suffered then.

"Ashley, what are you doing?" Seeing Ashley took up her coat, Carol stopped her immediately.

"Even though Kate deserved the hardest punishment, it's a little too much to humiliate her in this way."

"That's how Mrs. Yang dealt with things. As for Kate, she is too insolent. A wicked person will be harassed by another of like ilk." Besides, you have a bad relationship with Kate. If you go to help her now, it means that you have seen the most shameful part of her. She won't appreciate your help. Instead, she will hate you more. You needn't do that thankless task."

Ashley looked at Kate who curled up at the door. She was disdained by Mrs. Yang.

She pressed her lips and said, "for conscience!"

"Get out of the way!" Then Ashley shoved the crowd and wrapped Kate with some clothes.

"Who are you?" Mrs. Yang looked at Ashley unpleasantly.

Leona observed this outside for some time. Seeing that Ashley was out, she couldn't keep quiet any more. "Sorry, Mrs. Yang, she was too thoughtless to make you angry."

"Leona, you are more and more adept at managing staff. One seduces other's husband, and the other is so reckless. You have to manage them well."

"I'm so sorry. You have stood here for long time. Would you like to come to my office and have a cup of tea?"

"Yes, I'm a little tired." Mrs. Yang took the chance and said. "Take a seat in your office."

Leona greeted Mrs. Yang and waved off the others, "go to work, all of you. Don't surround around the door."

Kate curled up on the ground. Looking at the only coat covering on her naked body, she said, "I won't thank you, Ashley."

"It doesn't matter." Ashley waved her hand, stood up and left.

Mrs. Yang sat in Leona's office for a while. When she came out, she noticed Ashley pass by, "Are you Ashley. I remember you now."

Kate was no longer at the door. However, someone posted the video and photos to the Internet, the information about Kate had been searched out quickly and rose to the top of the hot search list. The number of netizens who commented on and re-posted news about Kate was ten times more than that of Dylan - Mistress! All could not tolerate this.

Kate didn't go to work the next day. In the last half month in the starlight weekly, Ashley didn't see her. She probably wouldn't see her again in the future.

The party was coming soon.

Ashley didn't started out from home. She was in June's house. The Guan family was engaged in industry. After graduating from college, June didn't go on studying further, but joined the foreign trade department of her family enterprises and engaged in foreign trade. Now that she graduated, she moved out of her home and lived alone outside.

June's apartment had two bedrooms and one living room. It was not as good as the big villa of the Guan family, but she could enjoy more freedom without living together with parents.

They were congenial to each other when they were young. After many years, they gathered together and talked a lot. Ashley also told June her plan to work in Shengshi Group.

"There is one thing that I've been wondering. Ashley, I know you very well. You've never cheated Francis before marriage. What's the truth about the rumor?"

"If I tell you that I don't even know who was th

e father of the dead baby, do you believe me?"

June was surprised. Then she nodded, "of course I trust you. But this is too bizarre."

"Yes, it is."

"What's more strange was that Francis' attitude. He knew your affair since the wedding night, but he still endured it for ten months until you gave birth to the baby. Why?"

"I don't understand also." Ashley shook her head. She couldn't figure out why Francis did in this way.

"Was this actually a conspiracy of Francis?" June analyzed, "but you two were lovers, not enemies. Why did he hurt you in this way?"

After thinking for a while, Ashley decided to tell June the truth. On the one hand, June was trustworthy, and on the other hand, she needed the alliance's help.

"It was not Francis' conspiracy. It's Sheila's. The man on our wedding night was sent by her."

"Really?" How could a girl frame you up in such a vicious way?

"Several days ago, Sheila admitted it and told me so to make me believe that there was indeed another man who slept with me on their wedding night in order to let me give up Francis."

"In that case, your stepsister was the real culprit of your failed marriage!" June finally understood, "She assigned a man to have sex with you on the wedding night to ruin your reputation, so that Francis had grudge against you, and then she took the chance to become Francis's mistress, at last she urged Francis to divorce you. What a perfect plan!"

If Sheila hadn't admitted it, she could never think that the truth was like this.

"June, I hope you can help me. I'm unwilling to be planned by her. I want to get back everything I deserve!"

"Ashley, don't worry. I will help you. I don't like Sheila either. She is an illegitimate daughter, but I never thought she was so scheming." June held her hands.

The gathering place was in Acacia Garden. It was said that in addition to pines, cypresses and other ordinary trees, the garden was planted with acacia everywhere. The flowers looked very beautiful when they bloomed, just like red clouds in the sky.

Acacia Garden was one of the three private clubs in A city. Its founder was Abner Gu, the former president of the JC group. The party was hosted by William, the current general manager of the JC group and the grandson of Abner.

Acacia Garden only adopted members. But since it was a party held by William, so it accepted non-members this time. After all, the club charged high membership fees, and the poor second generation like Ashley couldn't afford to become a member.

When they arrived, the housekeeper had been waiting at the gate for a long time. The two followed one of the housekeeper to the gathering place. The bluestone road under his feet was old. Walking on it, they could see many red acacia flowers bloom luxuriantly.

The gathering place was in a row house next a river. They walked through a stone bridge, and many young men and women had already been there.

"Who's that beauty? I haven't seen her before." A young man came over to them, holding a cattail leaf fan in his hand and lifting Ashley's chin.

"Stop it, Ethan!" June fenced off his leaf fan and said, "This is Ashley of ZM Group. And Ashley, this is Ethan of Chester industry."

They shook hands and got to know each other. Ethan seemed to have a bad impression on Ashley and didn't pay much attention to her.

William was sitting in a rattan chair, surrounded by several young men. Hearing the noise, he looked in the direction of the bridge, stood up and walked over, "June, so you've come! Is

she Ashley you had mentioned?"

Seeing William coming over, June said smilingly, "Look, who's the most beautiful? Then she is Ashley."

Ashley was not familiar with William, so she felt embarrassed, "Good evening, Mr. Gu. I am Ashley."

"You can just call me brother William. Don't be restrained here. If you need anything, just let me know," he said, patting her on the shoulder

"Okay, brother William."

"June, have a good time. Help yourself with food and drink." It was a free party. Food and drink were provided by the host, and she would please herself as per comfort.

"Got it."

June was quite familiar with people. After William left, people came to greet her one after another, many of which were unfamiliar to Ashley. After the greetings, they took some snacks and juice and sat down on an empty seat.

This party lasted for a long time. It started from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The whole party was for fun. They could do what they want and chat with anyone they like. If there were some people who wanted to have fun, they could go to the dance hall and amusement park in Acacia Garden.

"I don't care about other people. What's interesting is Ethan. She might be of some help." June began to explain the relationship among the participants, "Sheila met Ethan when she joined the circle. You didn't go out to play with us that time so you don't know their relation. Ethan fell in love with Ethan at the first sight, and then he courted Sheila shortly afterward.

And then, Sheila and Ethan fell in love naturally. They had stayed together until Sheila went to college. It was not easy for Sheila to get into this circle. Ethan had made great contribution to it. I didn't know why they broke up. Then I heard you got married and divorced because of Sheila."

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