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   Chapter 13 Sweep The Tombs (Part One)

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At dinner time in the morning, seeing that Ashley was about to leave after she had dinner, Samuel called her, "Wait a minute, Ashley. Go to work with me later."

Thinking for a while, Ashley seemed to know what had happened. She nodded and said, "Okay."

Gloria's expression was not very pleased, but Sheila thought that Samuel was partial to her, so she said, "Daddy, I want to go with you."

"I have something to talk with Ashley. You can go to work by yourself. You are an adult, so you don't need me to send you to work,"

Sheila rolled her eyes at Ashley and didn't say anything more.

Ashley and her father sat in the back seats, and the driver drove the car steadily. It had been a long time since they sat together like this. Ashley already didn't know how to get along with her father. She sat far away from Samuel.

"Dad, what can I do for you?"

"Did you come back last night?"


"You can't make much money even though you work so hard. What do you want? Can you come to our company to help me?"

Ashley didn't say a word.

In this matter, the conflicted between each other was not two days a day. Samuel didn't talk about this for a long time and said, "Tomorrow is the anniversary of your mother's death. You ask for a leave of two days and go to visit her with me."

"Okay, I know."

They didn't talk on the way. Samuel sent his daughter to her company. When he saw her walk into the building, he sighed. He didn't have son except for his two daughters. The pattern of Sheila was not large and it was difficult to put her in an important position. Only Ashley who was qualified to be cultivated by him, but Ashley was not interested in the real estate industry and was not willing to take over it.

"President, are you going to the company?" The driver asked.

"Let's go."

Dylan's news had been released on the company's official website, and the official accounts of various platforms were also released simultaneously. The click amount was astonishing. In just a morning, the general click had exceeded ten million.

'Wow, it works so well to be called Dylan!' thought Ashley in her mind. She knew that she had occupied a firm position in this company so far.

Taking advantage of the good mood of the editor Leona, Ashley proposed to ask for two days' leave. In fact, it was not a good time to ask for leave for a few days, because she still needed to follow up the case of Dylan.

"If you want to ask for leave for two days. I have to ask someone else to help you deal with Dylan's case, you have to understand that." But Leona had no idea why Ashley had to ask for leave at this time.

"I'm afraid that I have some emergency at home. I understand what I should hand over. Don't worry."

In this case, Leona said nothing

more. She went to the office area and said, "Now, who has no news in hand? Come to my office."

After a while, Kate and another two intern reporters came in.

"Now I have something to deal with. Ashley has asked for two days' leave. She needs someone to go after the news about Dylan. Who want to take over it?"

Kate didn't say anything. When the other two intern reporters found she didn't show up, they decided to take over it.

But Leona is not sure to give Dylan's news to two new interns, she said, "Kate, you take them with you and the three of you continue this work."

"Leona, I don't want to answer this news." She didn't have to tell the reason, because the news was directed by Ashley.

"What did you say? The company support you to eat rice every day. You're a picky eater!" Leona threw the files on the table and hammered it out, "It's settled then. Take two interns with you and don't make any trouble. Get out!"

"Yes." Kate dared no to argue with Leona, as soon as she left the room, she knocked on Ashley's shoulder and went out.

Ashley almost lost her temper again and thought, 'Damn it! I even have a lot of news to tell you now!'!

"Miss Ashley, I'm calling to ask you to take over the work. Are you waiting for me to invite you here by standing there?" Kate's greasy voice came from the outside.

Ashley really wanted to know how her mouth had been so wide that no one had the impulse to kill her since she was a child!

"Here is Dylan's schedule. You can name the characters on these two pages." Ashley threw the file on her desk.

"Stop!" Kate stood up at work station, "What's your attitude? Don't be so arrogant just because you're rich. You're so proud that someone drives you to work, right? You rely on your father! Let me tell you. Other people are afraid of you but not include me! What's wrong with being rich? I just look down on you. Who cares about your arrogance! "

At that moment, two intern reporters were also there. They pulled at Kate and said, "Kate, please stop. I don't think Ashley has any other intention by saying that."

"You still speak for her. I think you want to fawn on her just because she has money."

Ashley rolled her eyes. It was possible for Kate to bite anyone. So she pulled the intern's child aside and said, "Kate, it's useless for you to be jealous of me. Work is the right thing for you no matter how jealous you are."

"Who is jealous of you? I am not jealous. I just despise you!" Kate blushed with anger.

Ashley smiled, "Aren't you jealous? If so, why do you always say that my father is rich? My father will support me. And someone sends me to work? I never slack off while working. How can my father back me up? Besides, it's my friend who sends me to work. Why are you so excited? "

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