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   Chapter 464 Rachel Received Bride's Flowers

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The bride also burst into laughter through tears. She raised her eyes and looked at the bride quietly. The bridegroom held the microphone and roared loudly, "I do!"

The bride opened her arms and ran to the bridegroom. He held her up and kept spinning.

The guests under the stage raised their hands and clapped their hands continuously, and so did Rachel. When they were about to clap their hands, a low voice suddenly came to Rachel's ears, "Rachel, I'm also willing to be your follower for the rest of my life."

These words were clearly heard by Rachel and reflected in her heart.

Pursing her lips, Rachel tried her best to suppress the abnormality in her heart and pretended not to hear it. She looked straight at the stage, but her hands couldn't help but lower and gently held the hands of Jack.

Although he loosened his grip quickly, Jack was still very excited.

On the stage, the Emcee's deep voice drew their attention back. "Now, please exchange rings with each other."

As the groomsmen and bridesmaids took out the ring box and stood beside the new couple, they took out the rings and put them on each other.

The originally moved atmosphere was now more serious and solemn.

Jack said in a soft voice, "Rachel, I still owe you a wedding."

The wedding ceremony, the customized wedding dress, and all the preparations seemed to be still vivid in her mind. Rachel lowered her head and said nothing.

Seeing her face change, Jack thought he had said something wrong, so he patted his mouth and said, "I'm sorry. I don't know what I said just now."

At this time, he should have said those unpleasant memories in the past.

Shaking her head slightly, Rachel said slowly, "A wedding is not important to me."

Wedding was just a ceremony to announce to the world that they were married. No one would care about whether the two of them were in harmony and whether they really loved each other.

The wedding would not be a shackle to shackle the two people, nor would it allow the two people to be together for the rest of their lives.

Hearing this, Jack knew that she was not angry or unwilling to talk to him. After a moment of excitement, his face became a little serious. "Then you..."

He wanted to ask her what was the most important thing?

As soon as he finished his words, Rachel said in a low voice, "I just want someone to treat me sincerely."

How rare was it to be sincere?

After all the things she had gone through, Rachel had changed her mind.

In the past, she thought that two people didn't need to love each other. They just needed to respect each other. Therefore, the reason why she agreed to marry Jack was not only the so-called gratitude, but also somewhat casual.

But later, she gradually knew how pitiful and lamentable a marriage would be if it was not supported by love.

She couldn't st

ut I send you to the hospital now?"

"No, thanks. I want to go home and have a rest."

The voice faded away, and the wedding process also came to an end with the ownership of the bouquet. Then it was the time for the guests to buffet.

Now that she was pregnant, many things were blacklisted to eat for Rachel. Besides, she didn't have a good appetite all the time, and now she didn't have any appetite either. She just picked up a few pieces of cake and found a seat to sit down.

At this time, several women came over hand in hand. Looking at them, Rachel felt a little familiar, but she couldn't remember who they were.

A girl in a floral dress standing in the middle pointed at herself with a smile and introduced, "I used to sit at the first table and I was short then. My name is Sophie Chen, Do you remember?"

Even if she spoke out her name, Rachel didn't have any impression, but she still nodded hypocritically and replied, "I remember. It's been a long time not to see you."

Then, the other two people also said their names. The three of them pulled out the chair next to Rachel and sat down, keeping talking about some interesting things happened in junior high school.

Even when she was at school, Rachel didn't know about it and didn't care about it at all. Now Rachel had no idea about them at all. She didn't know which classmates in their words were.

But after all, they were old classmates of Rachel, and they came to talk to her on their own initiative, so it was not appropriate for her to directly answer them, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you said."

She was afraid that if she really said so, she would bear countless rolling eyes... Even though Rachel was not good at socializing, she was not that stupid.

She simply took the fork and ate the cake while listening to them recalling the past. Only when she was called would Rachel slightly smile as a response.

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