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   Chapter 460 The Mother And Son Echoed Each Other

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Realizing that what she had said was too impolite, Lea apologized and asked casually, "By the way, when will you get married?"

'"It's soon. On Next Saturday." As Anna spoke, she lowered her head, took out two invitation cards from her bag and handed them to them. "We haven't met for a long time. Come to my wedding and take it as a chance for us to get together."

"Okay." The corners of Lea's mouth twitched. She took the invitation and said, "We'll go there when we have time."

"You can take your husband with you. I want my wedding to be lively." After saying that, Anna looked across the road and waved at them, "I'm leaving now. Please come then."

After watching Anna get in the car and leave, Lea laughed in embarrassment. She opened the two invitation cards in her hands. It only wrote the time and place of the wedding, but the name of the invited person was blank.

Obviously, she just invited them casually. Rachel and Lea were not included in the invitation list she had originally set.

Lea shrugged her shoulders. "I said something wrong just now. I'm too embarrassed to refuse directly. Come on, one for you and one for me."

Rachel took it over and shook her head helplessly. "How much red packet do you want to prepare? Let's make one together and ask the driver to send it for us."

"That's all we can do." All of a sudden, Lea felt a pang of regret.

In addition to the relatives of both sides, the guests invited to the wedding were some good friends or classmates, or some people who had connections.

It was just the first time they met Anna after many years, and Anna had sent them an invitation to her wedding without even a signature. It was really doubtful that her ultimate goal was only the red envelope, not to sincerely invite them.

After all, in this era, it was not a small number of people who wanted to make a fortune by taking advantage of the wedding. It was not Lea's fault to think so.

As soon as she arrived home, it was getting dark. Rachel put the shopping bags on the sofa and threw the invitation letter on the tea table nearby. When Jonathan and Tracy saw the invitation, they picked it up and took a look. Seeing that the name of the invited person was empty, they frowned. Seeing that Rachel just came downstairs, they asked in unison, "Which of you need to attend a wedding party?"

"A junior high school classmate of me." Said Rachel with a faint smile.

Tracy then asked, "Why didn't they write your name on it?"

Rachel didn't know how to explain the mistake. She just smiled.

Tracy looked down at the invitation card in her hand again. Her dark eyes rolled two circles, moved a little closer to Rachel and asked, "Will you go then?"

"Ah?" Rachel was stunned for a while and said, "I don't th

Kailey took it, closed her eyes and opened them again. The charm in her eyes had already been washed away.

While drinking the wine in the glass, she pretended to be tired and staggered. When she reached the corner pointed just now, the hand holding the glass gently waved in the air, and the wine in the glass was immediately prepared to spill on the man's suit.

Her expression immediately turned frightened. She quickly took out several pieces of tissue, wiped the marks on his suit casually, and apologized carefully, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it just now. Your suit was poured up by my wine, and now it can't be wiped out. Take it off, I'll send it to dry cleaning for you, and then I'll return it to you, okay?"

"No need. It's okay." The man pushed her aside coldly.

Kailey bit her lower lip and pinched her thigh hard in the dim light. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked pitiful. "But I did it. I will feel guilty if you don't let me clean it for you."

However, the man didn't seem to buy it. He frowned slightly, took off his suit jacket and casually put it on the sofa. "It's just a coat. You don't have to do this."

Kailey didn't expect this bone to be so hard to gnaw. After thinking for a while, she shouted, "My ex-boyfriend broke up with me just because I stained his clothes. Now you said it was just a coat. Why did he break up with me?"

Even in a noisy bar, this voice was not inferior to the music around.

All of a sudden, those who were drinking and chatting turned their heads and looked at the two of them. They kept looking at each other, as if they were waiting to see a good show.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across the man's face. He reached out and pulled Kailey's arm to let her sit down. Then he pulled two pieces of tissue for her and said, "Don't cry. Let's talk about it peacefully."

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