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   Chapter 459 Met A Classmate During Shopping

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 9121

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She tried hard not to say anything just now, because she didn't want to arouse the gossip of Lea. And she could think of a random reason to muddle through and refuse her invitation, but now... All the good plans were in vain because of Jack!

Rachel couldn't help but roll her eyes at Jack.

Jack also realized that he seemed to have done something wrong. He silently moved the plate in front of him and lowered his voice, "Rachel, I'll prepare another one for you. Don't be angry."

Seeing that he was trying to please her, Rachel was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She forced herself to hold back her smile and said, "Then why don't you hurry up?"

In the past, Rachel didn't like eating dumplings. But now, after she got pregnant, her taste had changed. Even for breakfast, she could eat ten dumplings at a time.

It was the same this morning. She had just finished the ten dumplings on the plate. When she put down the chopsticks, the voice of Lea came from the door, "Rachel, are you ready? I'm here to pick you up."

When she came in, she saw Jack sitting next to her. He glanced at her and then turned around expressionlessly.

"Where is Christina?" Jack asked first, as greeting to Lea.

Without even looking him in the eye, Lea said calmly, "Then you have to ask him. I don't know."

Inexplicably, there was a sense of embarrassment and tension in the air, as if the distribute could be triggered at any time.

The corners of Rachel's mouth twitched. She picked up the phone on the table and said lightly, "Okay, let's go."

As soon as they got into the car, Lea grabbed Rachel's hand and asked curiously, "What's going on? Have you reconciled with Jack?"

Rachel curved her lips. "Didn't you say that you want to go shopping? Which shopping mall are we going to now?"

"Any shopping mall is okay." Lea waved her hand casually and saw her still. "It's more important to care about your business."

"But I think it's more important to tell the driver which shopping mall we want to go now." Rachel rolled down the window and pointed at the gate, "Are you going to visit my house for a day?"

Lea look at it and patted her forehead. "Look at my brain. It's getting more and more useless."

She patted the driver on the shoulder and said, "Please help us to The New World. I want to eat a dessert there."

After she finished her words, she turned around and wanted to continue the topic. Rachel had already leaned back a little, closed her eyes and said slowly, "I just finish breakfast and feel a little tired now. I'll take a nap first, and you wake me up when we arrive."

The implication was that she should stop talking now.

Lea touched her nose. Although she was curious, she ha

two, "Rachel, Lea?"

They turned around at the same time and looked at the woman walking towards them. They looked at each other and saw a trace of doubt in each other's eyes.

Lea asked with uncertainty, "Are you Anna Wu?"

"Yes, yes." The slightly fat woman in front of her nodded hard. "You two haven't changed at all. You are still the same as before. I can recognize you from afar."

She looked at Rachel up and down and asked in surprise, "Are you pregnant?"

With a faint smile on her face, Rachel replied, "Yes."

Anna Wu was Rachel and Lea's classmate in junior high school. They didn't have much contact with each other before and belonged to two different social circles. They hadn't met again for so many years after graduation. To be honest, it was the first time this day.

In such a situation, Rachel really didn't know what to say.

After a short reply, she could only laugh awkwardly and stood blankly, not knowing what to say.

The three of them stood there speechlessly. It was so embarrassing that Rachel had to tug at the corner of Lea's clothes and motioned her to speak quickly.

Lea scratched her hair and finally asked, "Anna, are you shopping here too? What did you buy?"

As soon as she asked this question, she laughed awkwardly, perhaps because she herself felt it a little boring.

Anna Wu shook the two shopping bags in her hands and said with a smile, "I just bought two sets of clothes. I will get married soon."

"Really?" With her eyes wide open, Lea blurted out, "You look much fatter than middle school. I thought you had a baby and haven't lost weight yet."

Anna Wu's original smiled lips immediately dropped, and her face quickly flushed.

With an awkward smile, Rachel changed the topic powerlessly, "Are you getting married soon? Congratulations!"

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