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Jack frowned. Even though he was a little impatient, he still patiently let Tracy finish her words. Then he said, "Mom, don't think about it anymore. There is only one person in the world who suits me most in this world, and that is Rachel."

"Why don't you listen to me? Let me tell you, if you let Scarlett go to that place and insist on being with Rachel, then you can't recognize me as your mother." Tracy glared at him, turned around, crossed her hands in front of her, and looked sullen.

She had come up with an idea. She knew that her son was always the most filial one. When he heard this, he must have no choice but to give in.

But she forgot that Jack's so-called "submission" was just an illusion with a certain purpose.

This time, Jack didn't do that. He said seriously, "Mom, if you can't accept Rachel and treat her well in the future, I'm afraid this is the last time I come back to call you mom."

"What?" Tracy was so frightened that she even forgot to cry. She looked up at Jack with her eyes wide open. She doubted her ears just now and asked again, "Jack, what did you say just now? How could you say that to me for the sake of Rachel?"

Jack put his hand on Tracy's shoulder and gently patted it for two times. His voice gradually calmed down, "Mom, I love Rachel. I only want her to be my wife. If you want me to be alone for the rest of my life, I won't stop you no matter what you want to do next. "

The implication was that he wouldn't want any other woman except for Rachel.

Seeing his firm attitude, Tracy kept silent for a moment and sighed slightly.

Although she didn't like Rachel, it didn't mean that she couldn't stand her anymore. Compared with what Jack said just now, Tracy could only give in.

As a mother, no matter what, she couldn't stop Jack from entering this family; she couldn't watch him live alone all his life.

At last, she had no choice but to compromise. "Then tell me, why do you have to let Scarlett go to that place? Even if you completely end your relationship with her, at the worst, you won't contact her anymore."

At the mention of her name, Jack's eyes flashed a cold anger. "She is too whimsical. If she is quiet, I will definitely not force her to leave. But now, she is trying to hurt the child of me and Rachel. If it weren't for me yesterday..."

In the middle of his words, Jack choked with sobs. He didn't go on, "Mom, don't mention it again."

"What did you just say?" Jonathan's voice suddenly came from the stairway. He lifted the crutch in his hand and thumped the floor heavily. "What happened yesterday? You must tell me exactly!"

Seeing that the driver brought in a lot of things with both hands, Rachel was a little shocked. She quickly stopped him and asked, "Where did you get these things?"

"Mr. Jonathan bought

hat she wanted to eat grains pancake at 11 p.m. and asked me to buy it for her. But it's late at night. The snack stands on the street had been closed."

"Then what happened later? What did you do?" Jack asked.

The owner of the fish shop grabbed a towel and wiped his hands. He grinned and said, "What else can I do? I can only find it everywhere on the street. I remember that I didn't have such a good condition at that time. I rode a bike at night for about half an hour. I finally found it in the night market. When I went home, well, she was sleeping soundly with the quilt in her arms."

Upon hearing this, Jack and Jonathan burst into laughter.

The owner of the fish shop scratched the back of his head shyly. "Young man, your wife is easier to raise. She is not so picky."

'Easier to raise?'

Hearing these three words, Jack was stunned. It seemed that this had never happened to Rachel since she was pregnant.

Every time Julie prepared something, whether she liked it or not, she would more or less have two bites. Jack had never heard her say what she wanted to eat.

He smiled awkwardly and replied, "Maybe it's not the time yet."

"Or you've never cared about her at all?" Jonathan's faint voice came from Jack's ear, which shocked him.

Indeed, because of the matter of Rachel's parents, the two of them separated. When he finally got her back to his side, she had been pregnant.

Later, he paid all his attention to jealousy, but directly ignored her pregnancy. Now thinking of this, Jack's heart was full of regret and self-blame.

After waiting for a while at home, Rachel saw that Jonathan hadn't come back yet. She was worried that there's something wrong with him since he had never been to the food market.

After all, the market was in chaos. With his crutches, Jonathan couldn't move very fast. It was normal for him to get hurt.

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