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   Chapter 445 He's Back

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Slowly, she seemed to be sent to a strange place. In a small room, there were many people standing at the same time. They were Lea, Henry, Jonathan, Tracy and Jimmy, etc. It seemed that people who had appeared in her life all came to this room at the same time.

Rachel wanted to call them, but she opened her mouth and called them several times, but there was no sound. They seemed not to notice her existence, and continued to talk to each other.

At this time, another door in the room suddenly opened.

A man and a woman walked out. In the middle of them, there was a little boy. Although she couldn't see his real appearance, she could see that he was about the waist of the woman on the side.

When Jonathan saw them, a smile appeared on his face. He waved at the little boy and said, "Come here, come to grandpa."


That was Jack's child.

The man and the woman standing on both sides of the boy must be his parents, Jack and his wife.

As for his wife...

Rachel kicked her legs hard, trying to get closer to them. But when she slowly got closer, she found that she couldn't see this woman's face clearly, just like that little boy.

Then she smiled bitterly. Why should she look at her? Who was she? What did it have to do with her?

When she was about to make herself leave again, she suddenly heard Lea shout, "Scarlett, are you free tomorrow afternoon? The new products of the shopping mall are coming out. Let's go to have a look together."

It suddenly occurred to Rachel that the woman was really Scarlett. At this moment, she only felt that a piece of ice fell into her heart, and her heart was suddenly disheartened. But she still comforted herself that it was definitely not because Scarlett married Jack, it was definitely not because they had a child, it was just because, even her good friend, Lea, seemed to become a good friend of Scarlett.

The two of them were so close that they could go shopping together.

It must be because of this.

In order to echo her thought, Rachel nodded her head heavily. But just at this moment, she suddenly felt that the air that had been holding her body tightly disappeared. She fell down heavily, and her whole body twitched, and she suddenly woke up.

She touched her forehead and found it was wet.

With the moonlight pouring in through the gap, Rachel clearly saw that Jack had disappeared in the room. A bitter smile appeared on her face. It was so late. He should have gone back to accompany her?

Then she thought to herself, 'I just want him to leave...' Wasn't it what she wanted to?

However, because of this dream, Rachel didn't go to bed again that night. She closed her eyes and had a clear mind. It was not until six o'clock in the morning of the second day tha

nt on impulse. On second thought, considering Lea's temper, what would happen if it affected the baby in her belly? Rachel was anxious to withdraw the message, but it showed that it had been sent successfully.

Unexpectedly, Lea replied quickly, "You've reconciled?"

Knowing that she was asking about herself and Jack, Rachel bit her lips and replied, "No."

"Then why did he come back so soon? Humph! He's tired of the wild flowers outside. Now he knows how good the family is? Ignore him!"

Looking at the message sent by Lea, Rachel seemed to be able to think of her expression when she typed. Rachel couldn't help chuckling, and her gloomy mood suddenly relaxed a lot.

Yes, no matter why he suddenly moved back, it had nothing to do with her. Why did she spend time and energy thinking about the reason why he came back?

She stopped thinking too much and turned to ask about Lea's physical condition.

Kailey was about to ring the doorbell, but she found that the door was not closed, but opened with a crack. She pushed it open with her hand, feeling a little scared, wondering if there was a thief inside.

When she was about to go to the kitchen to get some tools, she suddenly saw Scarlett, who was sitting on the floor like a puppet with a pair of dull eyes. She screamed and hurried over.

Seeing that Scarlett was still wearing the black dress she wore yesterday, Kailey asked in surprise, "Cousin, are you drunk last night and haven't woken up yet?"

Scarlett didn't answer, and even her expression didn't change. Her eyes were still fixed on somewhere in the room.

Seeing her like this, Kailey was a little scared. She poked her shoulder carefully. It was not until then that Scarlett seemed to come to her senses and wiped her face carelessly. Then she pretended that nothing had happened. "Why are you here?"

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