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   Chapter 442 Cancelled Operation

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Rachel chuckled. "Lea, when have you become so hot-tempered?"

"Look at him. What things can he do on his own?" Lea said defensively. The corners of her mouth twitched in annoyance.

Rachel handed the freshly-washed apple to her and said, "Okay, eat an apple and calm down. Henry doesn't usually do these things and he won't get used to it if you let him do it just once or twice. Your nagging won't do any good."

Hearing what Rachel said, Henry turned around and looked at her with gratitude. With a faint smile on her face, Rachel took out some things from the bag and put them in front of Lea. "These are for you. They are good for the baby."

"Rachel, what do you want me to say? How could you be so considerate?" Tears welled up in Lea's eyes. She reached out to grab Rachel's hand and sobbed, as if she was going to cry out the next second. She felt overjoyed by Rachel's kind gesture.

"It's not a big deal," Rachel assured Lea. "Besides, I didn't buy these especially for you. They are just my leftovers. It's a waste to throw them at home. I'd rather give them to you as a gift."

The joke made Lea snort. After wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked at Rachel and Henry with a small smile that broke through her face.

In the early stages of pregnancy, different women have different symptoms. For Lea, her emotions were heightened and she had a hard time controlling them.

They were packing her things up when Rachel's phone suddenly rang.

She saw Jimmy's name on the screen. The call was out of the blue, unless something bad happened and it was an emergency. She excused herself, stepped outside the ward and answered. "What's up, Jimmy?"

At the other end of the line, Jimmy took a deep breath, seeming to hold back his anger. He gritted his teeth and said, "Rachel, what's going on? Why did they suddenly call and say that they couldn't sell the goods to us?"

"What?" Rachel did not understand what was happening.

Jimmy said anxiously, "Now they don't even answer the phone. We still owe our customers a lot of goods. If we run out of stocks and they can't supply them to us, what are we going to deliver to the customers?"

Gradually, Rachel figured out why Jimmy sounded so agitated and panicked. She said, "Don't be so anxious. Tell me the details."


After taking a few deep breaths, he continued to explain, "We pay the money on time every time, and we never owe a penny. Can you help me know the reason why the deal is off? If they think the price is too low, we can negotiate again. But don't just refuse us!"

The news caused a buzzing in Rachel's head. She had to comfort Jimmy for the time being, but in her mind, a thousand thoughts were running.

After hanging up the phone, Rachel went back inside Lea's ward. They looked at her when she entered the room. She bid the two of them goodbye and hurried to her office. She had to find a quiet place to call Jared to ask him what was going on.

In his room, Jared has walked back and forth from the windows to his desk for a couple of times now. In just a few minutes, he sighed more than a dozen times.

His assistant, who has been with him for years, wondered what was going on with his boss. Jared had always been the most cheerful and approachable leader in the company. He always s

n, she saw him sitting on the sofa in a daze with his mobile phone. She pursed her lips and walked up to him deliberately. "Jack, I have a friend getting married next week. Will you go with me?"

"Let's talk about it later," Jack answered lacking the eagerness and sense of interest.

Although the two of them lived under the same roof, every time Scarlett approached him, Jack would definitely stand up and leave. Now he was still the same. When he stood up, she reached out and grabbed the corner of his clothes. "Jack, can't you sit here with me? Can you have a chat with me?"

Jack didn't know what say to her. She was being her unusual self. She knew that Jack was not into these small chats.

He took her hand off and went straight back to his room. The photo of Rachel on the bedside table was very conspicuous. He did not even try to hide it from Scarlett.

The next day, after her rounds, Rachel said goodbye to her colleagues and went out of work. She went to the coffee shop that Jack and her agreed to meet at, ordered a cup of water and sat quietly for a long time. She waited for him for a while. Suddenly a man walked towards her. She thought Jack would face her, she didn't expect that he would send Austin instead.

He scratched his hair and looked a little embarrassed. "Miss Shen, Mr. Fu has something urgent to deal with, so he asked me to come here first."

"Well, when will he come?" Rachel lowered her eyes to hide her disappointment.

Austin curved his lips and replied, "I don't know."

In fact, Jack didn't have anything urgent to do at all. Thinking of it now, Austin still felt regretful that he shouldn't have chosen that time to enter Jack's office.

At that time, seeing that there was nothing else at hand, Austin wanted to skip work and go home to have a rest. So he knocked on the door of Jack's office and asked, "Mr. Fu, I've finished the important tasks for today. Can I get off work earlier today?"

"What are you going to do after work?" Jack looked up at him.

Austin laughed. "I'm going home to play games."

'To play games...'

The pen rotated in Jack's hand for a few times. He frowned and said, "Then you can help me with something."

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